LED signs

Programmable LED lights consist of programmable tri-level fixtures, and it comes with an integrated motion sensor. It will allow you to control the emission of light in animation and numeric on the surfaces with the feature of constant lighting. You can program these lights to be at the minimum capacity and then increase it to their total capacity when the sensor detects the movement. It uses total capacity only when necessary. LED signs and billboards have the most use of programmable LED lights.

Benefits of Using Programmable LED Lights

Using programmable LED lights is good for the business and the environment. Let us discuss the seven main advantages of programmable LED lights:

 1. Catchy brightness

One of the key factors that help these signs stand apart from other signs is the brightness factor. It is hard for you to move past a LED sign or billboard and not notice it. The colour spectrum is very bright and catches the eyes quickly. It is readable from a distance and from nearby. The light intensity is so illuminating that you can see it at night and during the day.

 2. Easy on eyes

LED lights are easier on the eyes than neon and fluorescent lights. It is also more functional with the pixels and illumination when it is programmable. You can keep the light to a minimum, and it changes the illumination with movement. This feature of flexibility is not found with neon and fluorescent lights.

 3. Low maintenance

LED signs have far lesser maintenance because LED lights do not contain glass tubes or gases, so it has a lesser chance of breaking.

They do not burn out and are very easy to clean, unlike other lights, which are fragile to hotness.

 4. Eco-friendly

LED lights use only 10 Watts of power which is 80% lesser than other lights. They hop less strain on the environment while serving the purpose.

 5. Long life

LED lights can last for 3 to 6 years longer than neon lights. They last for 50000 to 100000 hours. They maintain the right level of brightness throughout their lifetime.

 6. Better option for signs

Programmable LED lights are used for LED signs, billboards, LED trailer signs, etc. they prove to be a commendable option for signage while giving a comprehensive option for movement, animation, flashes, and colour changes.

 7. Thinner

LED signs come with a thickness of 1 inch. The thinner it is, the lesser the installation costs, and it easily fits tight spaces. It will impose a lesser weight on the walls and windows.


If you are a business, LED signs should be your way of advertising. They will catch your audience’s attention in a snap. You will also save on cost while being an environmentally friendly product. These signs will stand out to your crowd and save energy and maintenance.

Research enough before choosing any agency if you are a business looking for LED trailer sign hire.

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