6d eyebrow embroidery

What’s new?
Last year, we did 5d Nano embroidery, but this year, they have upgraded to 6d Eyebrow Embroidery from 5D Nano embroidery. They are both done via a method named microblading. So what’s the difference? The difference is in the type of blades. 6D has finer blades which provide a fine hair-like effect and thus the brows will look more natural.

I will have to say though that this was my responsibility. My original brows were done with dark brown and during the touch-up, I decided that I wanted to elongate my inner brows. I insisted on medium brown color even though my beautician recommended that I do dark brown as it would last longer. And true enough the inner brows did disappear faster. Ye. I feel like slapping myself. Should have listened to the expert.


The process
So the day has arrived when I will look like lapixiaoxin for a week.

1. Shaping and drawing of brows
2. Numbing cream
3. Embroidery
4. Setting the color
5. Wipe off and we are done

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