deepcool ls520

Every PC is not becoming hotter and hotter day by day with all the new software and the new games and stuff. Because these things will basically use your OC pretty heavily, so all this load, and you still don’t have a cooler for it? Well, the Deepcool LS520 is now here to help you, and we’re gonna let you know all the stuff about it. Let’s just start with the intro for the thing. What you’re gonna love about the Deepcool LS520 is that the thing will keep your burning PC very cool as compared to others. Why? Because it runs on Liquid and uses a water solution in it. Now, this Liquid will run through the system from your CPU to your radiator, which will cool it. And this radiator, too, has dual fans it is for that extra kick.

Why Will You Need A Liquid Cooler Like Deepcool LS520?

Firstly, let’s get you introduced to the cooler and what even is it. So, in a liquid cooler, what happens is that the water is the cooling agent for the CPU. Since the CPU is the main brain for the whole system, it works a lot and can get hot from time to time. If you don’t cool it down, then you are at a literal risk of it getting damaged.

What’s In The Deepcool LS520 That Runs On Liquid? Well, it’s not just a simple liquid. It has a water block. It also has a pump to pump the water around. Then it has the fans and radiator. So, the water block goes together with the CPU first. Then the pump pushes the things inside, and the water flows around in it till the radiator. The radiator, being all metal, has a lot of tubes in it, so these things transfer water to the fins and other parts. That’s how things happen inside Deepcool LS520 liquid cooler.

Deepcool LS520 Is Unique And See Why?

Now you must understand why Deepcool LS520 is a pretty cool liquid system cooler for your system. But you also must understand why it’s so different and best:

– So there’s an infinity mirror kind of cap design that goes on it. It’s actually a cover on the top with 16 lights in the inner part, so it looks nice and pretty colourful.

– It has the infamous 120mm kind of ARGB fans fitted to the radiator, so the airflow is absolutely super with RGBs, too.

– To top it all up, the radiator is all metal and has a huge area that covers almost all the heat inside the box.


Now, finally, if we wanna conclude the topic about Deepcool LS520, then we have to say that this one comes in the premium category, and almost all of it is uniquely made for a good system. Why? Because of low noise, nice fans, radiators, mood RGBs, and whatnot. So, after looking at a lot of coolers like these, you can safely arrive at this one as the final choice for your CPU.

By Russell Crowe

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