Model 3 ceramic coating

Your Tesla is your precious investment, and settling for poor coating services can impact its quality. To get the best results, the Tesla needs to be showroom clean and free from dirt or blemishes.


How do professionals apply Model 3 ceramic coatings?

Professionals may have their way of applying Model 3 ceramic coating considering the quality, manufacturers, and other aspects of the process. Achieving similar results through DIY techniques is tough. 


Here are a few Model 3 ceramic coating steps to achieve the best fit –


  • Preparing the Tesla-

The preparation process is meant to remove surface impurities and contamination. This helps to remove dust and other issues from the paint, glass, wheels, etc.


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  • Decontamination wash-

Professionals will use a dedicated car wash solution to remove dirt and debris from the vehicle. 


  • Iron and Fallout removal-

Once the wash is done, the microscopic impurities, like iron, etc., are removed to give a clean and clear coating to the Tesla. It also involves choosing an iron remover that can easily dissolve around 85 percent of the impurities easily and quickly. Then a clay bar is used to clear any remaining debris and avoid scratches on the new surface. 


  • Surface prep spray-

A special surface prep spray removes soap and chemicals from the vehicle body. This also helps to remove other residues that may stick to the surface. It also makes the surface clean and ready for polishing or paint correction. 


  • Paint correction-

The experts then put in a complete paint correction system to ensure that the vehicle is clean and free from debris. It also helps to regain the original shine of your Tesla. 

This is important because ceramic coating amplifies the hard layer of protection. Paint correction also helps to control swirl marks, imperfections, etc. If the paint has a deep, glossy, and shiny surface, then this will become prominent after the ceramic coating.


How to prepare Model 3 for ceramic coatings?

Here are a few tips to follow before taking your Model 3 for ceramic coating – 


  • Do your research-

Since there are numerous ceramic coating manufacturers and application services providers, it is tough to choose the best coating. For this, research the internet and select the coating best suited to your usage requirements. 


  • Choose a certified Ceramic Pro installer-

Choosing a ceramic coating will protect your Tesla paint from exposure. This also helps to protect the Tesla from outside conditions, reduce scratching, etc. However, it doesn’t protect your Tesla against rock chip damage or other problems. If you plan on using a self-healing paint correction system, then it is best to discuss it with an expert. The top professionals will assess your vehicle and its requirements before suggesting the appropriate cost and methods for coatings.


  • Follow the care and treatment methods-

You can spend a few thousand dollars to protect your Tesla and use the correct aftercare products. This helps to keep your Tesla in prime shape. 

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