Hotel PMS Channel Manager

As a hotelier, you must fully utilise the state-of-the-art technology platforms designed specifically for the hospitality industry. They serve in eliminating errors, saving time, automating routine tasks, and increasing efficiency. Do you have a platform that enables you to successfully achieve all the advantages above?

If the answer is “no”, you require a system that will enable you to effectively handle the many internet distribution channels through which your property is sold. As individuals working in the hotel sector are aware, effective distribution channel management is a key component of any revenue management strategy. Because, even though direct reservations are preferred, third-party distribution agents are necessary to help maximise bookings and revenue.

There are a lot more advantages to using a hotel PMS channel manager than just more bookings. We advise every hotel to purchase a hotel PMS channel manager because of this. If you’re still unsure, here are six arguments in favour of hiring a travel channel manager for your hotel business:

Diversify The Source Of Booking

“Don’t put your entire basket of eggs in one place.” You cannot expect traditional methods to illuminate your road to achievement because competition is always around the corner. Proactively look into all possible booking sources. This is a certain strategy to ensure that you maintain an advantage over the competition.

Every type of hotel PMS channel manager property should have channel managers. With a hotel PMS channel manager in place, you can link to as many online travel agencies as you like and expand your inventory there.

Single-Point Inventory And Rate Management Approach

In the context of hotel administration, keeping up with the times is not only a wiser course of action but also the most profitable one. The only way to disseminate inventory and rates quickly is by connecting your property management system to channel management software. A cloud-based PMS and a cloud-based travel channel Manager are connected in two directions, enabling real-time updates in both directions: updates made on the PMS instantly appear on all OTAs, and updates made on all OTAs appear on your PMS in real-time. The hotel PMS channel manager serves as the two parties’ messenger.

Penetrate Newer, More Lucrative Local And Global Markets

The benefit of purchasing a hotel PMS channel manager is that you can draw potential customers from anywhere in the world. Consider this. You can connect with RateGain’s most well-liked OTA(s) by using a channel manager connected to your PMS. This is quite useful because you can still entice Croatians to your resort without spending a fortune on geo-targeted advertising and other things.

Real-Time Update Of Inventory And Rate Across Several Channels

This means that no more opportunities will be lost. Beyond time management, there are also issues with manually changing inventory and rates across OTAs. Yes, it is unreasonable to need your front desk workers to continually be on high alert and walk on eggshells. However, you also can’t stand the cost of not real-time updating rates and inventory across OTAs. The best thing you can do to avoid all of this is to make an investment in channel manager software, which conducts all updates in real-time and leaves no room for error.

Bid Farewell To Overbookings/Double Bookings

This possible risk is removed by automating the process of adjusting your inventory and rate in real-time. A travel channel manager ensures that no reservation is overlooked and keeps your PMS and OTAs informed of any new inventory and rate developments. By doing this, you may avoid overbookings while also enhancing the visitor experience and online reputation.

Increase Direct Bookings With The Billboard Effect

Use psychological clues to subtly draw in more online direct bookings. The hotel industry’s exposure to the billboard effect is nothing new. Numerous studies have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of this method. The billboard effect in the hotel business boils down to this: the more platforms you are visible on, the more likely it is that potential visitors will visit your website.

You can easily target a global audience with the best hotel channel manager software – RateGain Property Management System’s (PMS) fully integrated Channel Management software. Owners of small, mid-sized hotels or hotel chains have a number of options available to them with RateGain channel manager connect.


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