Cellulite Reduction Melbourne

Skin surface irregularities are created when fats and lipid deposits turn to become excessive in the connective tissue and this is known as cellulite deposition. Skin becomes lumpy and this appears most commonly in the buttock and thigh areas of the body. This type of skin due to cellulite deposition is called orange-peel skin because of its texture. 80%-90% of women and men are affected by cellulite at some point of their lives. You will get the answers to 6 FAQs on cellulite reduction Melbourne which would be helpful for you if you are considering going for the treatment. 

What is ONDA cellulite reduction treatment?

ONDA technology for cellulite reduction Melbourne uses microwaves known as Coolwaves which target and effectively destroy fat cells. It is much better compared to other treatments available for cellulite reduction Melbourne as it is non-surgical and reduces heating of the skin surface. ONDA generates 2.45HGz waves which are used to contour the body and reduce cellulite. This technology is capable of reducing stubborn fat in problematic areas of the body. You need to go for monthly sessions to experience great results. ONDA reduces localized adipocyte tissues all over the body.  80% of the Coolwaves can penetrate the targeted fat tissues.  

What is Velashape 3 treatment for cellulite reduction Melbourne?

It is a clinically proven and FDA approved technology of cellulite reduction that tightens the skin layers, reduces the volume of cellulite and its appearance and ultimately helps you to achieve dermal firmness. The technology uses infrared light energy, mechanical massage, pulsed vacuum and bipolar radiofrequency. While other cellulite reduction treatments Melbourne take 4 sessions, Velashape 3 does it in one session only. You need to take this treatment once a week and undergoing three treatments is a must. The duration of each treatment is about 15-20 minutes and time depends on the size of the problematic area.

Heat reaches the tissue up to a depth of 30nm. After the first week of the treatment, you can see visible results. In one month, you can achieve up to 62% improvement in cellulite. The treatment is pain-free and has no downtime. The experience is generally comfortable for the patients and they just experience a gentle heat and suction massage. The technicians adjust the treatment parameters based on the individual requirements of the patients. 

Cellulite Reduction Melbourne
Cellulite Reduction Melbourne

Why do most women need cellulite reduction Melbourne? 

When a woman reaches puberty, cellulite becomes visible. The causes are multiple ranging from diet to dehydration. The skin becomes lumpy in certain body areas. 

How much does it cost for undergoing cellulite reduction Melbourne?

The cost of treatment for cellulite reduction in Melbourne depends on the number of body areas to be treated and the amount of time given in doing so. The average time taken to treat an A5 body area is 15 minutes and the price starts approximately from $2990 per area. 

Can cellulite reduction treatment in Melbourne totally do away with cellulite? 

It is possible to minimize cellulites in the abdomen, knees and buttocks with the session of reduction treatment.  This can be achieved by losing body weight and muscle strengthening in those problematic areas. But this doesn’t mean that cellulite would go away totally. Once the formation of a fat cell occurs, it would belong to you for the rest of your life.

What is the best treatment for cellulite reduction Melbourne?

Different treatments are available for cellulite reduction Melbourne that makes cellulite less noticeable. These treatments include laser treatment, acoustic wave therapy and lotion application. Treatments would vary depending on how the skin is dimpled on certain areas.

Considering the enormous benefits, you might consider going for cellulite reduction Melbourne to make you feel and look beautiful.

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