5xx Error

If you are here, I can assume that you have heard about HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. In simple words, HTTP is the pillar of communicating on the internet and private networks.

5xx errors are basically server errors that are started with the number 5. So it can be 501, 502, or anything that starts with the number 5.

A Basic Guide

There are a few times when the server can not function properly. In other words, it is a server problem, and the communication between the client and the server can not happen.

You must be wondering why there are many times when Instagram shows the same problem. But the 5xx server problem and the 5xx error on Instagram are both different. We will discuss that later, but before that, let me tell you the basics.

When The 5xx Can Occur?

  • Suppose a server is facing an error, and you are trying to browse the same website.
  • Sometimes the API server doesn’t work properly. It can happen for the program accesses.
  • A single component can fail server requests by other components.

The Common 5xx Errors

  • 500- Internal Server Error.
  • 501- When the server is not implemented correctly.
  • 502- when there is a Bad Gateway.
  • 503- Service Unavailable. 
  • 504- When the gateway is timed out.
  • 509- When the bandwidth limit got exceeded.

Most of the time, the client is unable to resolve the matter. There are three types of problems that cause the 5xx error. 

    • The

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  • Software Problem
  • Hardware Problem
  • Configuration Problem

HTTP Status Codes

The client-server protocol connects with a server for making requests. The server gets a  request and returns a response to it. There are some proxies between the server and the client.

There are a few terms that you should know about.

  • The Method

This is an operation to read the information. This is how the server knows what the client wants.

  • The Version

Different HTTP versions are used. This is the way to know which version the client is using.

  • The Status Code

This is a response code. The number indicates the response. An example is the 5xx error code.

  • The Status Message

This is a description of the error, which is said to be verbal. The client can show it to the end-user.

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Groups Of Error Codes

The HTTP supports the error codes.

  • 1xx Information Response

When the requests are received, and server can start the work.

  • 2xx Successful

When the request is received, and then the server can perform successfully. 

  • 3xx Redirection 

A few times, the request is redirected to an upgraded URL.

  • 4xx Client Error

When the request is invalid or incorrect, therefore the server can not work.

  • 5xx Server Error

Sometimes there are problems with the server. This causes the unfulfillment of the request.

Why We Should Care About 5xx Errors?

For a website developer or owner, 5xx errors are so dangerous. If the crawlers find any 5xx error in a website, this will lead to zero traffic. The website can be removed from the search index.

5xx error means that the API is not working properly. Also, this shows that the API needs maintenance or there are other issues. For an API developer, 5xx errors are helpful. This shows the problems that the client is facing, and they can be resolved.

What Are Behind The 5xx Errors?

There are multiple layers in the errors. These layers are as follows.

  • Content Distribution Network/CDN
  • Web Server
  • Content Management System
  • Web Development Framework
  • Load Balancer
  • Service Mesh
  • Plugins Running Within The CMS
  • Services
  • Containers
  • Pods
  • Applications Running In Containers

There are a few common reasons. These are as follows.

  • Code Bugs
  • Updates
  • Incompatibilities
  • Operating System Issues
  • Hardware Issues
  • Back-end Failure
  • Insufficient Resources
  • Insufficient Bandwidth

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How To Resolve 5xx Errors?

If your web is facing this error, try these methods to resolve it.

  • You should check the server permissions first.
  • The second way is to check for script timeouts.
  • The script can be okay, but the timeout can cause problems. Check for server timeouts.
  • There are .htaccess errors. You should see it for once.
  • There are script-specific errors that can cause the 5xx errors.
  • Server-specific errors can also cause problems.

Final Words

So, if you are facing a 5xx error in your server, then the first thing you should do is to identify the cause and try to understand it. And try to resolve it.

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