Model Y ceramic coating

Every Tesla owner is characteristically particular when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of their favorite four and two-wheelers. And if it’s a high-end model like the Tesla Model Y we are talking about, then it goes without saying that you will only choose the best and nothing else. When you have already invested in purchasing your dream Tesla, why not go the extra mile and ensure the proper protection of your Tesla’s exteriors as well? 


The current market has several pain protection alternatives each with its own perks and cons. Some of the most popular choices include wax polishes, car wraps, and clear paint over the OEM color. However, each of these also has certain disadvantages. And this is where Model Y ceramic coating can be a total game changer for your precious Tesla. 


The OEM Paint Remains Untouched: 

What happens in the case of wax polishing and vehicle wraps is that the extra layer comes in direct contact with the OEM paint. The adhesive on the wrap can be damaging to the paint as can be chipped or broken polish. It exposes the original paint to harmful external elements like UV rays, chemical toxins, and road debris thereby making it vulnerable to damage. The Tesla Model Y ceramic coating on the other hand evenly spreads all over the car’s body leaving no space unprotected. So when it comes to paint protection, a nano-ceramic coating is easily your best bet. 


One-Time Investment That Last Long: 

Another primary concern that wax polishes and wraps present is frequent reapplications. Since they are not as durable and resistant as the Model Y ceramic coating, you have to take your Tesla to the workshop more times than you possibly expect. And since even a tiny dent could ruin the appeal and the brilliance of your Tesla Model Y you cannot delay the task either. With Model Y ceramic coating, you would be saving up a lot, particularly in the long run. This is a one-time investment that ensures the safety and protection of your car’s exteriors for years to come. You will only have to pay the service charges once and then you can reap the benefits for the rest of your life!


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Preserving The Luster And Shine Of Your Car: 

When it comes to your Tesla nothing beats the original finish. With the Model Y ceramic coating solution, your Tesla will look brand new even after years of driving. The original luster, shine, and sleekness of your Tesla Model Y get permanently preserved as you take your favorite ride for a drive. Besides, car maintenance and cleaning become infinitely simpler which gives you another reason to opt for Model Y ceramic coating for your Tesla.

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