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The purpose of a vineyard tour could be anything from educational to chilling out with friends. But one thing is sure that it’s one of those unique experiences people often dream about. It’s not rare but a delightful activity you must do with your friends, colleagues or family. Visiting vineyards and wineries can change your perspective towards wines, as you get to learn a lot about their making process and witness it all yourself.

But there are some things you must consider when planning a wine tour to the best winery in Okanagan. One of them is choosing a reliable wine tour service which people often overlook. Let’s explore it in detail.

  • Decide the Location

Deciding the location is the first thing you must consider before doing anything in this regard. Okanagan is a vast region; not every tour guide or service provider would cover it entirely. Some might be providing their services to specific locations in this region. So, decide in advance which vineyards you would like to visit and how many wineries you can manage to explore.

  • Get Some Recommendations

Once you have decided on the location, now is the time to start looking for tour service. The easiest way to ensure you get the best wine tours in Okanagan is to get recommendations from your close circle of people. Your friends, relatives, or colleagues might have been on a wine tour or know someone who provides such tours. Their suggestions will be more reliable and could help you decide better.

  • Look Online

The internet has brought businesses and customers closer. Nowadays, you can find wine tour companies online for the best possible services available. You can find many online options offering wine tours and wine-tasting services. So, go through their portfolios, compare their services and prices, and see how their reviews are. It will help you narrow down your search.

  • Knowledge About Wines

A wine tour service provider usually assigns a tour guide to enhance your experience. But it’s crucial to determine whether the person is well-versed in guiding people on wine tours and has enough knowledge about wines, flavors, and their making. Furthermore, they are also expected to know the location and all its vineyards and wineries pretty well, so you can explore everything conveniently. Ensuring this point is crucial to plan your wine tour to the best winery in Okanagan.

  • The personality of the Tour Guide

You would not want to go with someone who is either grave-serious or doesn’t know how to make conversations interesting. The sign of an excellent tour guide is confidence, cheerful nature, wittiness, and a sense of humor. Furthermore, you must also see how good their communication skills and language proficiency are. You can determine it all by talking to them over the phone or meeting them personally.

The End Note

There are several service providers who promise the best wine tours in Okanagan. But not every one of them stands firm on their promise. This is why you must be thoughtful when choosing a wine tour service, and considering everything we have discussed today, you can conveniently do that.

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