5 Tips for Using ProQuest Dissertations as Masters Dissertation Samples

Dissertation samples – the best and most reliable partners for writing a dissertation. Such samples tell the researchers how to write a dissertation properly and in a perfect structure. Where can you find such samples? There are a number of databases online that offer you masters dissertation samples. However, only a few can be accessed internationally, and ProQuest is one of them. ProQuest dissertations can prove to be a good partner when you are working on your masters thesis.

To use the ProQuest dissertations as masters dissertation samples, you must first know some things. You must know how to find a dissertation using this database. Along with this, you must also know the things to check in a dissertation before using it as a sample. Considering this, today’s topic is all about this topic. There will be a discussion on how you can use dissertations published on ProQuest as samples. So, let’s get started with the question below.

What is a ProQuest and a ProQuest dissertation?

ProQuest is an online multi purposes database where researchers from the world and universities around the globe publish their research. Over the last 80 years, this platform has built the world’s most comprehensive dissertation program. This platform is continuing to grow its dissertation repository, with 5 million graduate works adding up in the database each year. So, it is what ProQuest is. Coming towards the second question, a dissertation published on ProQuest is a ProQuest dissertation. You can use it for multiple purposes, e.g., cite, sample etc.

Why is it important to use ProQuest dissertations as dissertation samples?

As described earlier, ProQuest is one of the world’s leading dissertation and thesis databases. Also, the work published on ProQuest is authentic and genuine. It is the ProQuest which assigns ISBNs to different thesis and dissertations. So, with ProQuest dissertations, you get a full idea of how to write a dissertation well and perfectly. You also get to know about research gaps present in your research area. Therefore, using ProQuest dissertations as masters dissertation samples is important for your academic career. Otherwise, you will be in pursuit of masters dissertation writing services to do your work on your behalf.

5 tips for using a ProQuest dissertation as a sample

After reading the information given above, you have got a good idea of what ProQuest is, and you can use its dissertations as samples. However, the main topic of today’s discussion is to discuss the tips that you can exercise to use such dissertation as samples. Do not worry; it is now the turn of those tips. Hence, a brief description of all the tips is as follows:

1. Use advanced search strategies to look for dissertations

Dissertation samples can explain many things to you if you have found the right ones. Therefore, the first tip is about finding the right dissertation to use as a sample. ProQuest is a large database and extracting your desired results from it requires some advanced strategies. Therefore, to look for a dissertation and use it as a sample, you must employ advanced search techniques. Such techniques include the use of Boolean Operators, stop words, special characters, keywords, and spelling variants. By doing this, you will be able to find the right and relevant ProQuest dissertations.

2. Look for relevant dissertation samples

When you search using a keyword or an advanced search strategy, a plethora of dissertations and theses come in front of you. Obviously, you cannot read and use them all in your actual dissertation. Therefore, to have an idea of how to craft your actual dissertation, look for a dissertation that closely resembles your search area. ProQuest has an AI-powered search engine. It will show you results based on the use of keywords. However, whether that obtained result can relate to your dissertation topic or not. Therefore, to use ProQuest dissertations as master dissertation samples, ensure you have relevant samples.

3. Learn more about dissertation structure

A dissertation is not an ordinary document. In fact, it is the most important document that decides your academic fate. Therefore, it is important that you know about its structure very well. Keeping this in mind, the third tip is that use the ProQuest dissertation to learn about the dissertation’s structure. Learn about different sections of your dissertation and how to craft it by using the ProQuest dissertations. It is necessary because without doing this, you will not be able to craft a good dissertation.

4. Learn the dissertation language

Unlike other formats of writing, a dissertation requires the use of formal language and tone. It is an academic document and requires only the use of academic language. You cannot use slang, contractions, and colloquial words in such a high-profile academic document. Therefore, the dissertations published on ProQuest help you learn more about the language of the dissertation. by using them as samples, you get to know what type of sentences you need to formulate and develop so that your actual thesis looks scholarly and rich in ideas.

5. Learn more about citations and references

Citations and references are vital parts of a dissertation. Many students do not know about their proper use and suffer in the form of grades. However, there is no need to worry when you have a ProQuest dissertation to use as a dissertation sample. The reason is that you can learn about the use of citations and references in your actual dissertation. You will know how to create a citation if there are more than two authors and other related things to citations. So, the point is that use the dissertations published on ProQuest as a dissertation to learn citations.


Conclusively, ProQuest dissertations can be very helpful to you when crafting your own actual master thesis. Such dissertations can make you learn the dissertation’s language, tone, and style. In addition to this, they make you learn the use of citations. So, pay attention to all the tips mentioned above and rock your dissertation.

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