Many organizations are providing support coordination, making it hard to choose the right one. Even when you have the option of two service providers in your local area, you have to choose the one that can meet your needs. Experts recommend that you pick NDIS local area coordinators with no connection to the existing services that you’re already using or want to use.

Not that coordinators are private entities, separate from the NDIA, and are financed out of the NDIS plan. If you opt to utilize a support coordinator, ensure you talk to your planner during the planning meeting to allow them to include coordination financing in the plan.

The support comes in three levels:

  • Support connection
  • Specialist support coordination
  • Support coordination

Support connection allows you to build a connection with the community, informal and funded supports to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

A specialist support coordinator will assist the participant in managing the challenges in their support environment and guarantee a consistent level of support.

The form of support coordination included in your NDIS plan will depend on your goals.

  • The price your local support coordinator charge

NDIS local area coordinators should be NDIS-registered providers. Therefore, they can’t charge more than what the NDIS price guide states based on the form of support coordination included in the plan.

The current NDIS price guide provides the maximum amount supporters can charge for services. If you can bargain for a low price with your potential supporter, then you will get more out of the assigned funding.

Furthermore, the price guide has important information about what you can claim via the NDIS funding and what category you will claim it in.

  • What makes a good support coordinator?

Everyone has varying needs and requires a different level of NDIS level of support. Therefore, finding a local support coordinator who works with you is a personal decision. Some of the things to consider when finding a local support coordinator include:

  • Are they independent?

Choose an independent business that only offers support coordination. A specialist support coordinator is one who doesn’t offer other services like plan management, support work, or therapy. This allows them to focus fully on your needs.

  • Are they innovative?

Everyone is unique, and what might work well for other clients might not work for you. A good local support coordinator must be innovative.

  • Are they reliable?

The support coordinator should be reliable and able to assist you whenever you need them. Check out the online reviews on MyCareSpace and find out what other customers think.

An NDIS local area coordinator plays a vital part in your NDIS journey. The professionals help you in making the most out of the NDIS funding. In most cases, a participant starts working with a local coordinator immediately after the plan is accepted. It’s upon you to choose the support coordinator to use. You don’t have to use local coordination if you or the plan manager are comfortable and able to organize your support services.

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