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Suppose you are looking for some unique and stylish packaging for your handmade soaps. Then it would help if you tried out the soap boxes. They are sturdy and eco-friendly. Also, you can customize them to match your brand identity. Plus, they are also quite easy to make! Here are the five steps you need to follow to create your boxes of soap.

1. Decide on the style of soap boxes you want

There are many styles of cardboard boxes of soap to choose from. Some are plain and simple. While others are more decorated. You can also find boxes that are shaped like different objects. Such as hearts or stars. Consider what style of the box would best suit your soap if you’re giving the soap as a gift. You may want to choose a more decorative box if you’re selling the soap at a market stall. A simple box will do.

The style of custom soap sleeves you choose should base on your personal preferences. And the type of soap you plan to use. Suppose you want a more traditional look. You might choose a rectangular box if you want something more unique. You could opt for a heart-shaped box—no matter your style.

2. Choose the size and shape

When choosing the size and shape of your cardboard soap boxes. First, think about how many bars of soap you want to fit inside. If you only need to fit a few. Then a smaller box will do. But if you want to be able to fit a lot of soap. Then you’ll need a larger box. Second, think about the shape of the soap bars. You’ll need a longer and thinner box if they’re long and thin. But if they’re short and wide. You’ll need a shorter and wider box. Consider these things when choosing the size and shape of your cardboard soap sleeves!

You can either use a pre-made soapbox or make your own if you make your own. But, first, you must measure and cut the cardboard to the desired size and shape.

Pick out the colors and patterns

You can choose to create a simple design or go all out with a colorful and intricate design. There are even patterns and designs that you can create. Therefore, they will look great when you flaunt them on the exterior of your kraft soap boxes. But, again, there are colors and patterns that you can choose from. So it’s important to find one that will work well with the theme of your soap. For example, if you’re creating beach-themed soap packaging. You might want to choose colors that reflect the ocean atmosphere alternatively if you’re creating a space-themed soap box. You might want to go with colors that reflect the stars and planets.

Once you’ve decided on the colors and patterns, it’s time to start assembling your custom soap boxes. Start by cutting out the pieces that you’ll need. And then glue them together using a variety of different glue types. Once your glue is dry, add any finishing touches that you want. And then display your box proudly! You can either use pre-made design templates. Or create your custom design.

Decorate your soap boxes with embellishments

Suppose you’re looking for a unique, fun way to display your cleaners. It would help if you considered decorating your product packaging. There are many different embellishments available. And you may pick whatever suits your style. Some popular options include stickers, fabric, glitter, and sequins. You can also add some photos or drawings. To make your soap packaging ideas even more special. Suppose you don’t have any decorations lying around. You can buy some online. Whatever you choose. Make sure it adds some personality to your product line!

At most craft stores, you can find various designs and colors for travel soap boxes. And they’re relatively inexpensive. Plus, they’ll make your soap box look unique and special if you are not fond of traditional designs. Also, you can try making your own using photos, text, or other images.


In this guide, we shared 5 simple steps. That will allow you to personalize your soap boxes in any way you desire, whether you want a plain or decorated box. This guide can help you get there. So go ahead and give our tips a try. And see how easy it is to turn your favorite styler into a one-of-a-kind piece of packaging!

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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