Students from India consider part-time work essential when they travel abroad to study. Part-time jobs not only reduce your financial costs but also give you social interaction and work experience. Part-time jobs allow you to experience the full range of student life and culture. The American student visa guidelines allow you to work 20 hours per week, but only on campus. Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week when classes are in session, and 40 hours per week if classes are not in session.


It’s not difficult to find work on campus at American universities. These desi jobs can be customized so that they comply with all visa guidelines.


These Are The Top 10 Most Sought-After Jobs On Campus That You Can Do At American universities. 


Librarian Monitor 


This job involves maintaining a calm atmosphere and maintaining a clean library. Also, supervision is required for study areas. This job will allow you to study or prepare for exams in your spare time. This job will allow you to make extra money, but also give you the opportunity to read new books, if you are a keen reader.


Teaching Assistant  


These academic positions are for those who are dedicated to their academic pursuits. There are two types: “Teaching Fellows” are typically graduate students. “Teaching Assistants” can be graduates, but they are less responsible for handing out assignments and collecting them. This post has almost no openings so it is important to network with your professors.




 Most college students rely on coffee for their sleep. Coffee is a highly sought-after drink on campus because of all the exciting events in their lives. You can learn so much about coffee and espresso from being a barista. Employee discounts will allow you to save money on your coffee cravings.


Catering Assistants and Food runners 


These assistants work in restaurants and cafeterias. Students pursuing hospitality programs will find these jobs very appealing as they get to work in the kitchen. This does not mean other students cannot choose this job. Do you miss the aroma of freshly baked cookies in the morning?


Sales Jobs 

These are the most popular part-time desi jobs in the USA for international students. They allow them to meet other people. It allows them to make extra money and also lets them mix with the new society. Students can become sales assistants in the campus grocery, bookstore, and clothing shops.


Final Words

Part-time work is a great way for international students to make money and get experience while they study. There are many jobs as mentioned above  that international students are eligible for, as they typically come to the United States with a student visa. It can be helpful to find out about the different types of part-time desi jobs that are available for international students and earn good money while you are still studying. Part-time work is rarely disruptive to a student’s academics. Many offer flexible schedules that allow students enough time for homework and classes.




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