Display boxes are considerably popular in the retail industry because of their ability to showcase products in the most mesmerizing way. They have gained massive popularity for all the small-size products to display over the counter shelves of retail stores. The cardboard material used to manufacture them is a great printing substrate. It aids the brands in the marketing of products in the most cost-effective way. Offset printers display pixel-perfect images and the rest of promotional content in rich colors using CMYK color schemes. The use of finishing coatings like gloss, matte, and semi-gloss AQ adds appeal to the printed content.

Buyers are usually unaware of the recently launched products by brands, and display boxes are utilized here for this purpose. They are placed over the retail counter for maximum engagements from buyers. However, products of some other brands are also displayed there, so making this packaging unique and distinctive is essential to get noticed quickly. You can follow these 5 enticing ways to make them distinctive.

1.    Premium and Opulent Design

Design is the fundamental element that can distinguish a certain brand or product from the rest of the options available. The sky is the limit to bring innovations in the design. Brands can introduce the countless design options in the custom display boxes that differentiate the products from others and also gives them an appealing look. The iconic back wall panel is also given a custom size according to the size of the box. Increase or decrease the size of walls according to the size of their products. Giving both of the side walls a shape of the slope is also quite trendy. Such slope walls are perfect when brands have to arrange the products in the form of stairs. These stairs increase the storage space, and every single item is also visible to the customers. A lavish design comes under the notice of buyers more quickly.

2.    Craft Humorous Shapes Over the Top

Keeping the design simple is less effective nowadays as every brand is opting for these techniques. Doing something out of the box and avoiding the usual stuff in the luxury display boxes works more effectively. People love creativity, and hence they decide to make a purchase from that certain brand to show appreciation. Crafting attractive shapes over the top of the back wall panel is an ever-green technique that surely makes the products stand out. Creativity does not end in this factor, and brands can always do something more innovative. They can use the animated characters coming out of the wall while holding the products. Adding a bit of humor to these animated characters will make them more fun stuff. Such type of box surely grabs the attention of customers while clearing the bills at the retail cash counters.

3.    Use Pleasant Color Schemes

Colors have a deep relation with the mood of customers. Everyone is connected to some special colors because of their feelings associated. Playing with colors is such an aspect that can raise the appeal of the luxury packaging over the retail counters. Get finicky while using these boxes for food items. Some special colors like red and yellow stimulate the taste buds and enhance their appetite. The blue color is also quite attention-grabbing for these types of items. Give colorway special attention in contrast to the background color of the packaging surface and elements displayed over it. For example, the white color is perfect for the blue and black background, but red will not be visible enough. Get your design in the CMYK so that color would not change on getting oriented over the cardboard material that often happens in the absence of the role of CMYK.

4.    Promote Events through Packaging

Another factor that worth more than all other tactics for uniqueness is changing the design temporarily over the arrival of popular events. Usually, businesses also select such time for the launch of new products through luxury display boxes under the umbrella of their brand. Some popular events are the charismas, Halloween, New Year, and the rest of the seasonal events. Brands can celebrate these events with the customers by changing the design according to the theme of these events. The retail industry sees a massive boom in the sales volumes of these events. Brands have a golden opportunity at this time to increase their customer base and sales volumes. They can target the religious or national events of the other countries as well if they are also targeting the market of that country. However, this alteration should be only for that specific region.

5.    Use Custom Dividers and Inserts

Presentation of the products is also a smart tactic to allure the customers with aesthetics. These specially designed custom display boxes are very effective in enhancing the presentation of the products. Customized inserts and dividers come handily in this regard. These custom inserts and dividers not only keep the items in an arrangement but ensure their protection while products are in the shipping process. Kraft paper inserts are placed in the base of these boxes to hold the items in straight vertical condition. In contrast, the dividers keep them separated from each other so that they would not collide with each other. This factor also brings a type of uniqueness and beauty to the products and differentiates them from the rest of the brands.

All these enticing ways to make the display boxes unique and elegant are worth having in them. It does not cost the brands any additional expenses as it is quite a cost-effective process. An experienced custom packaging firm can provide them with a more engaging design as they are equipped with the latest technologies and have expert designing teams.

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