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You may want to start selling your products or services online and are looking for a suitable option that is efficient and cost-effective. Before we learn to use WooCommerce and how it works? You must get familiar with the technology.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin with certain key features that can significantly help your business. WooCommerce enables you to sell your service or products from your website made on WordPress. The reason why this plugin is so widely acknowledged is that it is both accessible and affordable.

WooCommerce allows selling physical and digital products, managing shipping and inventory, sorting taxes, and taking secure payments automatically. If you want absolute control over your data, WooCommerce offers support for your mobile devices and the limitless potential to grow your website.

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce has some fantastic features, which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Sell products of any kind, either physical or digital.
  2. Add endless images of your products.
  3. Add attributes, tags, and categories for your products, such as size or color – making them easier to be found.
  4. You can show product reviews and ratings on the designated pages, including the “Verified Owner” label.
  5. Customizing the store location with language, measurement units, and currency.
  6. It allows you to choose shipping options and restrict certain options depending on the customer’s location.
  7. WooCommerce makes managing customers and orders easier with just a couple of clicks
  8. It also has a geolocation feature that auto-detects the addresses of the customer to simplify the tax and shipping calculations

5 Reasons why you should choose WooCommerce for your Online Business

The world of eCommerce is growing exponentially, and every day new and unique are coming to the forefront now and then. Online retailers today have no shortage of choices regarding choosing the right platform for their websites.

The most common question that takes place is choosing the right platform. For example, should you go with a hosted platform like Shopify or a self-hosted application like WooCommerce or Magento? You either choose something simple or something that guarantees business growth.

There are over 2 million eCommerce stores worldwide; WooCommerce is considered one of the most user-friendly platforms for new online merchants because it is easy to use and offers several intriguing features, flexibility, and incredible rendering power.

Let’s look at some major benefits WooCommerce has to offer organizations.


If you are a new retailer, there’s a good chance that you are looking for a cost-efficient platform. E-commerce business has immense growth, but the initial expenditures are a major barrier. The applications made for these platforms can cost up to thousands of dollars at least; therefore, you need something easy on the pocket that also keeps you competitive.

WooCommerce is the best option for you if the price is what you are most afraid of. It is free and offers advantages for both entrepreneurs and established businesses. There is no need for any expensive contract commitment or licenses for proprietary software.

Web Application Development

Modular Platform

WooCommerce is similar to WordPress, another popular web application development platform. WooCommerce has certain features that can be extended to other plugins. This extension capability is called modularity and comes in a lot of handy for new retailers. The modularity allows the community of developers to create extensions that meet different specific needs.

You can sell anything, Literally.

WooCommerce offers a lot more flexibility compared to any other online platform. So, it doesn’t matter what you are selling; WooCommerce can do anything. You can sell digital products, appointments, subscriptions, physical products, and anything else.

Vibrant Community

Both WordPress and WooCommerce both are massively open source. Retailers can add features for free or make necessary changes and create new extensions and custom themes.

Fortunately, there is a large community of developers for WooCommerce. These professionals can create WooCommerce extensions and features for anything a web developer can use. Before you start thinking if something is possible to create on WooCommerce, chances are it has already been made possible.

Grows with your Business

When choosing an application for your eCommerce business, it is always a good idea to think about the future. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, you will grow for sure, and therefore, the application you choose must be able to cater to those future web application developments without posing any complexities.

WooCommerce can cater to digital stores of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have a few products or a thousand. It can handle anything.

Getting started with WooCommerce

As we mentioned earlier, WooCommerce makes launching an online store easy, but it only works with others. There are a few things that you may need to get started, such as:

  1. You’ll need a domain and a hosting name
  2. A website made from WordPress
  3. WooCommerce plugin
  4. And lastly, a theme that is compatible with WordPress

How can a Good Design Company Help

These companies have some of the most experienced and skilled web designers with hands-on experience using WooCommerce. They take care of everything from buying a host and domain name to the entire installation process. These experts also have web hosting professionals who provide affordable hosting services.

Start your E-Commerce business today!

So now as you have been made familiar with the technology and its requirements, it’s time to take the next step. Yes, there is no denying that WooCommerce is affordable and easy to use. Finding a company that could help you develop an outstanding WooCommerce website is a real hassle. That’s why American Web Developers is the right company for the job. Experts at American Web Developers would be thrilled to provide you with the best web application development solutions for your business. They ensure that your website has limitless potential to get scaled in the future.

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