When looking for an object of suburban real estate for purchase, many buyers are faced, today, with the problem of choice. After all, in the current market you can find houses for the price of a plot, and plots for the price of a house.
In this article, I want to help buyers who choose sites, and write for them a number of pros and cons that you need to pay attention to and take into account when buying.

What are the advantages of buying only a plot?

  • The cost of the plot alone is lower compared to the cost of the plot with the house.
  • The choice is greater, since in percentage terms there are more land plots than
    land plots with houses.
  • Understanding for what needs the land is being purchased, you can immediately search at the selection stage
    a plot with the right purpose (i.e. if you are going to build a house for seasonal living, for example, a summer cottage, then it is not necessary to buy a plot for individual housing construction (IZHS), but plots for IZHS are
    more expensive than for summer cottage construction.
  • Or realizing that you want privacy, build a house away from city noise, you will look for a plot away
    from settlements and noisy roads. , or you need infrastructure (hospitals, schools, shops), you can immediately search for a site not far from settlements, villages, villages, thereby optimizing the search time.When buying just a plot, you can build your dream house, according to your own project, to your taste, with your own landscape design, realizing your ideas, or you can build not one house, but a whole complex of buildings, and even make a family estate.
  •  Investment component. Plots in some places, for example in the area of ​​15 km. from Moscow,
    or on the territory of New Moscow, will increase in price over time, as there
    is less and less free land near Moscow, and infrastructure will be developed in New Moscow, plus all plots have been transferred to the category of settlements, which will allow for construction on them houses, to have the right to register in them.
  • Bank effect. If you do not trust the banking system, then investing your savings in a
    plot, for their safety, if necessary, return it back to money, if you just have a plot, then it is always easier and faster to sell it than a plot with a house. The only condition should be that the site be liquid (i.e.
    market, adequate price, good location, decent neighbors, communications, access roads and a category with a purpose).
  • The annual property tax will be lower on a simple plot than on a plot with a house.  

Cons when acquiring a plot without a house.

  • It is not possible to build a house on all sites. If you do not have special knowledge, then when purchasing a plot without a house, it is not always possible to say with 100% certainty that it will be possible to build a house on this plot. This is due to the categories of the site, and its type of permitted use, with urban planning standards, with encumbrances, for example, various protection zones (power lines, water protection zones, underground
    utilities, etc.)
  • When purchasing a site, whether in a village, or even in a cottage settlement, communications declared by the seller will not always be near the site. So, for example, if there is a
    gas pipe passing along the border of the site, it does not mean that you will be able to reach it 100%
    connect. There are times when communications no longer have the capacity (pressure, etc.) , and you need to connect to networks or pipes that are far enough away to connect to them on a budget.
  • It will be necessary to build on your own, or through contractors, what is intended. But
    construction always takes away calmness, a lot of effort, time, energy and money.
  • When buying a plot without a house, for example, in a developing settlement under construction, in addition to your own construction, you should always take into account that everyone around will be built, and in the near
    future you will have to live at a construction site, even after the construction of your house is completed (if, however, you were not the last of all who started building 🙂
  • Just land without a house, more often reserved and withdrawn for state needs.
  • When buying a plot overlooking a picturesque field, meadow or grove, close to settlements
    (or, for example, in New Moscow), you may encounter that these lands in the neighborhood
    will be given for construction with multi-storey buildings, warehouses, or other administrative buildings necessary for development territory. In the circle of completed development (village to,or settlement), such a risk is less likely.
  • When buying a plot in a cottage village, or cottage formation (Country Non-Commercial Partnership, Homeowners Association, Garden Association, etc.), you must remember about mandatory membership fees, which can vary from 1000 rubles per year, up to 30-50 thousand per month, depending on the status of the village or dacha-horticultural education.
  • If you intend to purchase a plot through a mortgage, it should be borne in mind that not all banks lend for land plots, and if they do, the interest rates are often higher than for a plot with a house.
  • Plots must be used in accordance with their purpose, and if the correct use of the site is not observed, then this is fraught with fines, and in some categories, and VRI, over time, up to the withdrawal of the site.

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