Fox fur is unique among furs, with its deep, lush pile and brilliant guard hairs. If you’re lucky enough to own a fox fur jacket, you likely also know that thanks to this, they are very versatile. 

Here are 4 unique ways to pave your own style with a fox fur hooded coat. 

With Jeans 
Nothing says “devil-may-care” like pairing the ostensibly opulent excess of a fox fur coat with a pair of jeans. Make them a pair of faded, ripped, jeans and you’ll drive this effect home faster. 

But, even wearing your fox fur coat with a pair of nicely pressed, deeply colored blue jeans (even skinny jeans) still throws an avant-garde slant. 

You can also experiment with khakis and slacks, which will give you a slightly more upscale, but still renegade-like look. 

With a Dress 
Styling your fox fur coat with a dress – not a black-tie gown, something more like a sun dress or even a bouffant or empire waist dress – will also create a unique fusion of elements This is because it’s natural to pair furs with black tie aesthetics, and not so much with these more casual looks. 

If you do wear your jacket with a dress, leave it open so the dress is visible, and be sure to color-coordinate the dress and jacket.

With a Skirt, Leggings, and Boots 
With this style, you can zip the jacket up if you like. What you’re going for here is the contrast between your slim lower half and fuller, jacketed upper half. 

You can choose either leggings or a skirt and stockings (or leggings, too) and a pair of boots. Both ankle boots and thigh-high boots will look great with this, albeit for different reasons. 

The slimming nature of the leggings will clash with the puffy insulation of the jacket, creating contrast and allure. 

Jacket Opened, Over a Button-up
One more suggestion: wear your fox fur hooded coat over a button-up. It can be a blouse, a denim jacket or even a flannel. 

Just make sure you leave the jacket open so the shirt can peek out. As for bottoms, pair what you’d normally wear with the top, then throw the jacket over it. 
This makes the jacket more like an accent than the cornerstone of the look, and leaves a pleasant impression. 

Things Not to Forget:
AccessoriesDon’t forget that, whether the jacket is the foundation of the ensemble or just an accent, there are a million and one ways you can underscore its effect with accessories, including but not limited to the following: 

● Hardware: 
Belt buckles and purse chains can be aligned with the highlights of the jacket. 

● Belts:
A cinch around the waist can have a slimming effect and gives you an opportunity to complement the color of the jacket. 

● Hats and scarves: 
Matching a hat or scarf with your fox fur jacket is a great way to create intrigue. 

● Sunglasses: 
Sunglasses, especially those with mirror finishes lenses, can highlight the natural glitter of your fur.

● Jewelry: 
Stones and precious metals will add light and sparkle, playing off of the highlights of the fur. 

● Handbags: 
Leather and fur-trimmed handbags make a natural accessory for fur jackets. 

● Gloves: 
The same as handbags; leather and fur-trimmed gloves are natural mates for other fur accessories, coats or otherwise. 

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