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1. build up your external link content

review Your Website when traffic down, If the organic traffic numbers on your website are dwindling or your rankings have slipped, specialize in building external links. Publishing more content on your website might not always help you drive traffic – but building links can.

Therefore, inbound links and linking domain authority structure nearly 28% of ranking factors for organic search results on Google. By building up your presence on other authoritative sites, you’ll boost your own site’s ranking while also driving traffic through those links.

Consider pitching content ideas to other related blogs to increase your external links in exchange for outbound links. Contact blogs that reach similar audiences such as you and see if they’re accepting guest posts. This will even be an excellent opportunity to offer your company or marketing writer better credibility and establish thought leadership.

2. seek out new keyword opportunities:

Keyword trends are changing all the time. The COVID-19 pandemic may be a perfect example of how many new keyword opportunities can appear over a brief period.

While these searches might not be relevant to the keywords you tend to focus on, it’s real-time to re-evaluate your keyword lists frequently. There might be ways to include SEO-optimized content or maybe update your current copy with new keywords.

You can also take this as a chance to refine your current targeted keyword list and see if there are some lower-ranking phrases you’ll start to focus on. Narrow down your niche content by finding specific search phrases that are relevant but not highly popular.

If you’re employing a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest, your best bet is typically to travel for keywords with an issue of but 30 and an inquiry volume of quite 100 hits/month.

Remember, these won’t be at the highest of the list in terms of search volume; however, it might be worth pursuing if the competition is low.

3. Give new social trends a try

It should come as no shock that the utilization of social media is at an all-time high. Consistent with recent research from We Are Social, the amount of individuals actively using social media grew by 10% in 2020 – and is predicted to rise still.

It’s no secret that social media may be a powerful marketing tool. But, you want to concentrate on how and why people are using it.

4. Consider podcasts

Consider expanding your content library even further by trying content mediums like podcasts or live streams. Overall, podcast listenership has risen by 29% since 2019. Moreover, niche topics are favored among subscribers because most individuals address podcasts for education or entertainment.


Marketers must be ready to adapt and pounce on new opportunities to remain relevant. If your organic traffic numbers are decreasing lately, it’s a symbol that your strategies need an update.

The best thanks to growing your organic traffic numbers are by understanding how to attract customers within the current climate. now’s the right time to expand and alter – and these are just a few ways you can do it.

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