Even in the era of air conditioners and chillers, some people find comfort in ceiling fans. And no doubt they also help lower your house’s energy consumption. But not caring for their results in early wear out. You should maintain the ceiling fans for long life.

Most of the Ceiling Fan Buyers accepted that they didn’t take care of their ceiling fans more than cleaning them for months. But even maintaining the ceiling fans is not that hard. It requires minimum effort and time to maintain them.

Follow the tips below and ensure that your ceiling fans don’t wear out before their actual time.

Vacuum The Ceiling Fan

You can use the vacuum wand or feather duster to clean the blades and other exposed ceiling fan parts. When the ceiling fans are turned on, they accumulate dust on a large scale. You have to take care that you don’t force the vacuum wand or duster on the parts Additional Vessel Services.

Also, don’t forget to wear a mask to keep yourself dust free. Facemask and gloves will be helpful to avoid dust, and you can breathe easily. You can also use any cloth to clean the blades. All you have to do is simply cover the blade with it and get rid of the dust.

Tighten The Screws

After cleaning the fan, you must take care of the screws too. Inspect the fan thoroughly, especially if you hear a rattle while it’s on. If the fan has some loose screws, it can be a cause that the fan is rattling. Examine all the parts of the fans to see if any of the screws are loose. Also, check for any missing screws to avoid any mishappening in the future.

Clean The Motor

The most important part to check while maintaining your ceiling fan is the motor. The motor is the central part of the fan, and any complication in this will cause inconvenience. So, you have to ensure that you clean the motor carefully. Although the ceiling of the fan keeps most of the dust-out. But you should clean the internal part too.

Lubricate the Bearings of the Ceiling Fan

The last tip but not least. Most people forget to lubricate the ceiling fan, thinking it is not important, but it is. The new models of fans don’t require oiling and are usually maintenance-free tmarines.com. But it is not the case with every fan. On the fans, there is a reservoir on the top of the motor, where you can add drops of oil from time to time.


So, these are some of the tips for the maintenance of your ceiling fan. There is nothing much to do for maintaining a ceiling fan. You have to do this maintenance procedure at least twice a month. Make sure you turn off the fan before the cleaning. It is good to use a vacuum want to reach the surface where the duster can’t reach. And this is how you can make sure your ceiling fan has a long life Vessel Cargo Hold Cleaning.

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