This post will highlight the 4 exercises as part of the functional strength training for cyclists. Continue reading to explore them.


What are the must do exercises if you aspire to become a great cyclist? 

LUNGES – It is a movement that requires an individual to form the letter “h” on their body. One leg is to be moved ahead at a right angle with the body as the other leg is pushed behind. The torso needs to be kept straight as the leg is shifted to its desired location for the exercise. The core needs to be engaged as the knees are bent forward. The body, when pushed towards the floor, needs to be resistant and hence the core can then be strengthened. This forms part of the functional strength training for cyclists. It is because the core gets strengthened and one develops the strength to deal with bulky paths during cycling.


DEADLIFT – This functional strength training for cyclists requires lifting of a loaded barbell. The individual can keep the barbell on the floor. Then bend down while keeping the torso straight. The torso should remain at 90° on the floor before lifting the barbell. Then bend forward to lift and stand upright by the movement of your hip muscles. The hamstring plays an important role in this strength training exercise. Magnus are the muscles which one can develop while lifting and keeping the barbell in position while an individual is standing.


BURPEES – If you’re willing to strengthen your lower and upper day with one small exercise, then burpees are to be considered. This functional strength training for cyclists stands as one of the best options to strengthen the calf muscles. You need to do a push-up followed by a jump. The jump needs to be as high as possible. You can even stretch your hands on the side to gain momentum while jumping.


SIDE PLANK WITH LEG MOVEMENTS – It is important to make your body flexible to work on one side. Side planks as part of the functional strength training for cyclists can help you secure your muscles in the right position. The shocks during cycling on mountain terrain won’t be much of a problem post these functional training sessions.




In a nutshell, if you aspire to be a great cyclist, there is some functional strength training for cyclists to follow. One can include the exercises in your routine to become a great cyclist. From burpees to weighted step-ups, a daily dose of strength exercises will help you stay connected with the great game.

By Mansoor

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