Pasta gong is considered the best gongs in the western world. Some of the most prestigious orchestras and musicians in the West have used these gongs. Pasta makes both gongs and instruments in Zurich, Switzerland using Bronze Age techniques. These Gongs are made by trained professional craftsmen following ancient techniques, techniques and recipes that create sound healing gongs that produce sounds that are out of this world.

The dough takes on the sound of the Gongs

And connects us to the essence of the universe and beyond our physical body and existence, which is our essence or true nature. These Gongs very easily place us in an alpha-theta state of optimal healing and allow us to enter a deeper state of consciousness aligned with creative connection.

The sounds of the gongs are almost indescribable. The full potential of these beautiful sounding instruments can best be appreciated by listening to the gongs live or from professionally recorded CDs.

These sacred tools are believed to be associated

with the power of whales, who are believed to be guardians of the ancient wisdom of our ancient past, dating back to the times of Limeira and Atlantis. As you listen to the symphonic Gongs, you hear and associate the sounds of majesty with the whale, and this ancient knowledge can be tapped into by releasing the physical grip and free swimming in the living room endlessly.

Pasta creates different gongs with different heights and strengths as shown below, and these Gongs vary in size. There are four main types of dough gongs:

1. Piano gongs:

This is a great starting point for gongs collecting, as this Gong is also associated with various gongs models that can be enlarged with different hammers and impact points. The Symphonic Gongs features some of the largest examples of the instrument, including the world’s largest 80-inch gongs.

2. Sound/Deco Gongs:

Compared to a flute, these gongs have a very reliable sound. Available in 7/10/13/22″ sizes. Paste also offers a Deco Gongs version of the Accent Gongs that comes with a stand and is perfect for display or on a table. Deco gongs are played by hand, as are all sticky gongs and really small symphony gongs. The instrument produces an attractive and surprisingly unique sound. These are real gongs with a variety of distinctive and unique decorative features that add personal character or a concert venue.

There are many forms of sound therapy, but one of the best and often overlooked instruments is the gongs. Deep in history, gongs have been used for ceremony, dedication, and celebration and healing.


Masters like Don Controls have proven this ancient tool

to help manage anger and negative emotions, especially by creating self-compassion. The tension in the body caused by anger is released and is known to improve health.

There is no wrong way to play a gong, and its shape allows for a wide variety of instruments. Playing the gongs at the end of the gongs gives a different sound than playing it in the middle. You can also create special effects by using different hammers.

Glasses come in different sizes.

Some have darker or thicker shades. Several different sound therapy gongs are made from pasta, the most popular of which are Symphony and Planet. The main difference is that the Planetary Gongs (with planets) is finely tuned, while the Symphonic Gongs has more intricate details.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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