Multi Room Audio System

A multi room audio system takes a lot of thinking, searching and planning to install the best multi room audio system at your home.

 NetraClos multi room audio system installation is worth your efforts and makes it possible for you and your friends and family an uninterrupted luxury experience to listen to music without the need for a portable device. 

Planning a multi room audio system installation throughout your home is the best decision you can ever take. It will liberate you and you’ll never have to compromise without music. The idea is that you will install smart wireless speakers in every room of the house, so you can easily play your favourite songs, watch movies, or listen to your favourite podcasts anytime without interruption.

Let us tell you how to install a multi room audio system by yourself.

Select the rooms which you want to install 

Do you need to see which places in your home need a smart speakers system?
Is that the kid’s room? Lounge? What about your kitchen? Do not forget your patio as outdoor speakers or grass speakers are available to be installed there. The above-mentioned speakers are not only waterproof but weather resistant too to ensure a high-quality sound in your area. 

Remember that the more places you include in your mapping, the better the sound propagation and streaming will be.

Your room size matters. If you have a small room for kids, probably one in-ceiling speaker will do the task for you but for the place which are wide and more open spaces like the lounge you need to install more than one speaker. You can mark the place for installation. 

Pro tip: Places with more cushioned furniture like sofa, bed etc absorbed sound while the places with less furniture and hurdles create an echo.   

Determine if you want wired or wireless speakers

There are multiple kinds of speakers in a multi room audio system installation. Among them are outdoor speakers, wall speakers, hanging speakers, patio speakers, ceiling speakers, grass speakers, built-in speakers, pendant speakers etc. The users have chosen the one as per their preference and performance. 

Because of their clutter-free and sleek designs, advanced wireless multi-room audio systems are currently a favourite. It not only saves space but is also available in different colours to meet your interior needs. Wireless and Wired multi room audio systems have very little difference when it comes to quality.

Choose the type of speakers you prefer

The best wired speakers that are not only efficient but also widely used are in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. They are concealed behind your wall and not visible, despite the fact that they are wired. The drawback is that you have to run wiring under your brickwork, which makes installing the speakers more difficult. The end product, nonetheless, is an undetectable wireless speaker system.

Bluetooth speakers are well-liked because they’re smaller and easier to move. They also blend into the background, so they aren’t overly noticeable. 

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