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Everyone in college and university wants to write an essay that gets an A+. Some can’t figure out what the writing assignment is asking of them, and others can’t figure out what the essay prompt is asking of them. Also, some students have too many assignments to handle, and others don’t know how to find information from trustworthy sources. Because of this, students find it challenging to write for school. So, most people choose to get help with their essays. Most students get their assignments from paper writing services because they think the teams of professional and passionate writers there can help them with their essay writing tasks.

Apart from getting help from a professional writer, students can also use the right tools to help them write their essays or papers. These tools are useful at all stages of writing an essay: before writing, during research, while writing, after writing, when revising, and when editing. As a student, you may face problems at any or all of these stages. So, it’s important to use the right tools to make writing easier and more fun. In the end, this will help you learn how to improve your writing skills, which will help you do better in school overall.

So, if you want to deal with the difficulties of writing an essay and make the process much easier and simpler, you might want to use some of the following academic assignment writing tools .

5 Most Important Academic Writing Toolse is an innovative app for writing papers that makes school less stressful for students. You can use this popular and useful app to organise your writing and take notes. With Evernote, you can save quotes, pictures, and ideas at a certain time and use them at a later time. It’s a good research tool that lets you organise different kinds of content, like photos of places, snippets of conversations you overheard, scanned PDF documents, and other thoughts or ideas that come to you while you’re out and about. The app Evernote is free. So, you can use it to make lists and notes that stand out. When doing research, this app is more useful. So, you need academic writing help to make sure everything is well organized.


Grammarly is a paper editor that lets you check and fix your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and style. This app can be used in both Google Docs and Microsoft Word. You can also use this app when you write online. When you install it on your laptop or computer, it will highlight every mistake in your text. It will also give you an alternative or tell you to get rid of the phrase in question.


Ref-n-write is software for academic writing that you can use to practise and get better at writing. This tool lets you look for statements in other documents that have a similar tone, type, and style. This can help you learn how to write better for your future assignments. This tool is important for improving your writing skills because it gives you a great place to practise learning on your own. When you are writing your paper, you will only have to drag-and-drop high-quality articles and search for specific words and ideas about how to use language.

Hemingway’s Editor

Hemingway is another tool you can use to edit your paper that you can get online. It can be used without having to download it. It is a reliable app that gives you a score based on how easy it is to understand your work. It also tells you how to make the sentences in your document better. It finds hard-to-read sentences, passive voices, and adverbs in your work and makes them stand out.


FocusWriter, as the name suggests, is a useful online tool for writing that helps you block out distractions so you can get your work done. Its design lets you get rid of things that make it hard for you to concentrate on your work. With FocusWriter, you can hide other tools and change how the text looks on the screen. It can also keep track of how your writing is coming along.

The Bottom Line

In the end, writing an essay is a hard and time-consuming task because it involves a lot of steps. And because it can be hard for students to keep up with all of their assignments, they choose to use a professional college essay writing service. These services can help you improve your writing by giving you tips for students. Also, there are some helpful tools you can use to make writing essays less frustrating and more fun. If you use these tools in the right way, they can help you get the grades you’ve been hoping for because they make it easy and simple for you to write. Some of them were talked about above.

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