Pool pumps are an integral part of pool maintenance, and as a result, you need to do some basic care and maintenance of your pool pumps. As a pool owner, you must pay attention to your pool pump’s performance. If your pool is getting dirty every other day, then it is a sign that your pool pump has a problem.

It’s best to hire pool cleaners in San Diego to address this problem. There are many signs of a faulty pump, some of which are a sign to do the replacement of the pool pump.

Keep reading to know the common signs you should be aware of.

Here are the common signs you need pool pump replacement:

1. Rumbling sounds

Rumbling sounds comes from an excessively vibrating pump motor. These sounds occur due to the vibrations caused by bumping against a pool surface. If these excessive vibrations keep happening like this, then it will lead to the pump dislodging or becoming loose. This can be an easy fix if you hire a professional for your swimming pool repair needs. Otherwise, bumping can damage the pump. You will need a new pump if the pump ahs cracks.

2. Grinding or screeching sounds

In the beginning, grinding or screeching sounds usually meant that your pump needed new bearings. Timeworn bearings will lead to the motor overheating and damage the pump’s windings. Although bearings are not expensive, replacing the old pump will involve opening the pump. Most of the bearing noise signals a leaking pump seal that also you need to replace. It is a complicated process if you do it by yourself, so it’s best to hire a professional.

3. Blowing bubbles and spitting water

Have you noticed some sucking action when you are in the water? Or perhaps you saw the constant appearance of bubbles in your swimming pool. These are the signs that show your pump might have an air leak. You should look into this immediately because this means that your pump is not working properly. This will lead to cloudy looking or dirty water and increase the chances of health diseases.

The bottom line

Now you know the common signs that you need to replace your pool pump. If you need spa pool electrical repairs in San Marcos, make sure to call the experts from Nathan Baker’s Pool Service. For more information about San diego Pool Care service visit their website.

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