The vacations are the most precious and loveable time that needs to spend perfect, the Istanbul is the ideal place that you can visit in less time while getting the perfect exposure. Istanbul is the most famous city in turkey that holds everything from history to culture, traditions, wonderful landmarks, exciting nightlife, breathtaking sights and much more, so, spending your next vacation in Istanbul is not a bad idea. Istanbul is also the most visited city in turkey because of the ideal and incredible spots that catch tourist attractions. They possess a pancontinental metropolis that is a fast-paced cultural tender pot which no one can’t miss.

Istanbul is a unique city in turkey that is admired for its appealing nature and the attractive ambience to support lively and modern city life. They keep a multicultural mixture and a perfect combo of food, culture and history. Besides it, this blog shortlisted tourist spots places in Istanbul.

1- Sultan Ahmed the Blue Mosque Istanbul

When it comes to the most famous place in Istanbul Sultan Ahmed the Blue Mosque Istanbul is one of the must-visit spots in Turkey. This is a most famed mosque that characterizes a devotee of the Ottoman age that architect is most well-known in the world. It keeps a prayer hall inner that is surrounded by tens of thousands of tiles in the hue of blue while keeping two hundred sixty windows. This Istanbul spot is the heart of turkey that is necessary to visit while having a temping architecture with six slim towers and an extensive courtyard compound., so what are you waiting for? Book your stay, online hotel, apartment, villa, hourly room a lot more accommodation aids and more at a reasonable rate if you have Otelz kampanya kodu.

2- Head Underground at the Basilica Cistern Yerebatan Sarnici

Head Underground at the Basilica Cistern Yerebatan Sarnici is one of the remarkable that everyone needs to visit while going to Istanbul. It is an enormous place that is an underground hall, making it different from other places. The architecture of this place is really neat and sharp which catches tourist attractions. In addition to that, this place also keeps sculptures that can increase your historical knowledge. This is one of the most loveable and renowned places in Istanbul, so while visiting Istanbul you need to cist this place too.

3- Hagia Sophia Cathedral, Istanbul, Turkey

If you are carving for the most wonderful architecture and culture then Hagia Sophia Cathedral, Istanbul, Turkey is the best option for you to must visit. This spot is structured with a stated determination of superiority glory that joint uncountable traditional essentials with pillaged stones. It is also one of the most attractive spots for visitors because of its breathtaking beauty while keeping extensive size and uniqueness, making it a lovely and historic place in Istanbul. You can find the splendid architecture, history, and art that make this place one of the most attractive tourist captivating spots in Istanbul. This is a restricted place for all male and female guests, so you can dress properly while visiting this respectful space.


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