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how can swimming lose weight?
Swimming is an activity that involves all the muscles of the body, including the upper body muscles, core muscles, and back muscles with lifeguard certification.

Muscle work requires energy. So, there are a lot of calories burned by the body to provide energy when you swim.

The use of muscles while swimming can also train muscles to be stronger and increase muscle mass. This can make the metabolism increase so that the body can burn more calories even when you are not swimming.

You may not realize that you are putting in a lot of effort while swimming because you don’t tire quickly.

In fact, swimming with lifeguard certification makes the body move more so it is effective for weight loss. Because water has buoyancy, you won’t feel heavy when moving in it.

Basically, water can withstand gravity so that you feel lighter and move more easily without as much effort.

Swimming also has a very low risk of injury. You can swim most days without worrying about getting injured. This is what makes swimming superior to other weight loss sports.


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Swimming style for weight loss
Burning calories in swimming depends on the force performed, distance, and speed. The farther and longer you spend swimming, the greater the calorie burn that occurs.

Likewise with the style of swimming. The faster you swim with the right technique, the more effective you can lose weight.

With the same distance and speed, here’s a comparison of calorie burn based on each swimming style.

1. Frog style
frog style swimming

Frog-style swimming makes the muscles of the upper and lower body equally active.

When you pull your hand in this style in front of your chest with full force, you are working your pectoralis muscle , which is the muscle in your chest.

Once you’ve pulled your hands in front of your chest, you’ll need to push them back in front of you in a straight position. This push involves using your shoulder, chest, and triceps muscles.

Alternately with the hands, breaststroke legs were moved. The lower muscles of the legs, buttocks, thighs will be involved in the breaststroke movement. Doing this exercise for 10 minutes can burn up to 60 calories.

2. Backstroke
arm movement in swimming

This is one of the most effective swimming styles for weight loss. This backstroke can burn 80 calories in 10 minutes.

Backstroke swimming trains the core muscles to maintain balance on the surface of the water and makes the biceps in the arm move most dominantly.

Your hands should rotate continuously to push the water as hard as you can while moving your feet. Because of this movement, the backstroke involves more of the lower body muscles

The muscles that are trained include the buttock muscles, thigh muscles to the hamstring muscles (3 types of muscles that run along the back of the thigh, below the pelvis to below the knee).

3. Freestyle
freestyle swimming technique

Freestyle swimming can burn a lot of calories, which can help you lose weight. Calories that can be burned through this freestyle are about 100 calories every 10 minutes.

The way freestyle swimming works is similar to backstroke. The difference is, you are not on your back but on your stomach. This movement will train the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, chest, and other muscles around it.

Freestyle requires rotation from shoulder to arm. You must swing your arms forward as far as possible to pull the water back with all your might.

The legs, hip muscles, buttocks, and thigh muscles are actively moving to make your swimming speed go faster.

4. Butterfly style
swimming lose weight

The butterfly style involves many large muscles so that the work of the heart and lungs will increase. You will also burn the most calories.

The muscles involved in the butterfly stroke are actually similar to the freestyle. It’s just that when you do the butterfly, you use all the muscles of your right and left hands at the same time.

Swimming for just 10 minutes in a butterfly style can burn up to 150 calories from your body. This means, swimming with this style tends to be more effective for weight loss.

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