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A Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is someone who is trained and certified to provide evaluations and recommendations to employers regarding employees who have been found to have violated the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing regulations. A SAP Program DOT’s role is to help an employer determine if an employee has a substance abuse problem and, if so, what kind of assistance the employee needs to get treatment and/or enter into a recovery program.


The DOT’s regulations require that employers provide employees with a list of SAPs from which to choose when an employee is required to have a DOT drug and alcohol test. An employer may not require an employee to use a particular SAP. All these information are stored in a secure database, SAP Clearinghouse near me.


A SAP must have knowledge of, and keep up to date on, information about:

  • The effects of alcohol and drugs on human physiology and behavior
  • The symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse
  • The types of treatment available for alcohol and drug abuse
  • The return-to-duty process


A local SAP near me must be impartial and objective in their evaluations and recommendations. They may not have any financial interest in the outcome of the evaluation or in the referral for treatment.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Regulations

A SAP Evaluation includes a face-to-face interview with the employee, a review of the employee’s DOT drug and alcohol test results, and a review of any other relevant information. The SAP may also talk to the employee’s supervisor or other co-workers, if the employee gives permission.


Based on the information gathered, the SAP will make one of three recommendations to the employer:

  • No action is needed – The employee does not have a substance abuse problem and does not need any assistance.
  • The employee needs to be evaluated by a licensed addiction counselor or psychiatrist – The employee may have a substance abuse problem and needs a more comprehensive evaluation to determine what kind of assistance, if any, is needed.
  • The employee needs to participate in a DOT-approved substance abuse treatment program – The employee has a substance abuse problem and needs to enter a treatment program.


The DOT’s regulations require that employers take the SAP’s recommendation into account when making decisions about employees who have violated the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing regulations. However, the employer is not required to follow the local SAP Clearinghouse near me recommendation. If the employer decides that the employee needs to participate in a treatment program, the employer must ensure that the employee enrolls in and completes a DOT-approved program. The employer is also responsible for ensuring that the employee does not return to work until they have been evaluated by a SAP and determined to be fit for duty.


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