Well-publicized research by the Light Electric Vehicle Association shows that more Americans buy e-bikes than electric vehicles by 2021. This year, with e-bike sales expected to hit 1 million units, children That number may still be true despite the growing number of affordable cars. electric car models enter the popular car market.

While early electric-bike manufacturers targeted higher-end buyers at higher prices, less stringent regulation allowed a range of e-bike manufacturers to begin selling electric bicycles. a relatively affordable option in recent years. The trend has clearly spurred big names to explore the upper limits of e-bike purchasing power, with the result that in

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati now sells three different types of e-bikes alongside the bike. The brand’s first electric race was announced recently. Later this year, the Futa, one such e-bike, will be added to the recent e-MTB lineup of Ducati Motorcycle Philippines. So far, the range includes the TK-01RR, the MIG-S, as well as the TK-01RR Limited Edition.

Against the aggressive styling of Ducati’s DesertX adventure bike, the TK-01RR e-bike combines an electric drivetrain with all the best mountain bike components to create a bike Enduro style terrain with full suspension, big tires and plenty of water easily climb bigger hills.

Ducati’s limited edition TK-01RR adds an extra layer of carbon fiber to the Thok aluminum bike, though the Shimano-sourced EP8 electric motor and 630 watt-hour battery remain TK’s. – standard 01RR. The claimed range of 110 miles has been caused by a full charge with the eco mode selected. Trail and Boost modes greatly increase the bike’s assist power, while reducing the range to 55 miles and 36 miles, respectively.

Shimano also contributes a Di2 XT electronic group that shifts smoothly with 11 pedal speeds, which the electric powertrain setup can only help; there’s no full throttle which doesn’t do it here, unlike many class 2 e-bikes that allow so-called “race-only” settings (thus bypassing most e-bike laws). But rest assured that when all of the 62.7 lb-ft of torque engages in Acceleration mode, climbing slopes and supporting a top speed of 20 mph is almost effortless.

In Eco mode, the Shimano motor pumps just enough water to make the model as light as a regular mountain bike, requiring little effort to reach the top, such as a 1,500-foot climb. And an easier time going up the hill saves energy for more fun downhill, where this e-enduro really shines.

When descending steep gravel hills, the upgraded Öhlins DH38 fork and TTX rear coil shock absorbers simply gobble up bumps, kicks and small jumps thanks to 180 mm of travel up front and 170 mm. behind. The quick smooth ride that inspires downhill speeds seems too risky without grainy Pirelli Scorpion tires and some of the biggest disc brakes ever fitted to an e-bike – the giant Magura MT7s. giant originated from motorcycle applications.

However, even with the limited edition upgraded Crankbrothers Synthesis carbon fiber wheels, Fizik saddle and Renthal carbon fiber handlebars, the killer still weighs in at about 60 pounds. And no matter how much battery support helps keep quads and calves cool on the climb, that weight comes into play when you’re hopping over deeper stretches or negotiating for smaller trails. tight, so stick with the wide open fire roads and trails that are fast becoming the name of this Ducati downhill game. Just lower this 170mm dropper post and fly.

Ducati ships the TK-01RR with a 110-volt charger that makes it easy to recharge the battery overnight, even after a long day in the saddle. And to be fair, riders brave enough to charge the full 630 watt-hours in Eco mode probably wouldn’t buy an e-bike like this in the first place. The Limited still lacks features like an integrated power meter or intelligent inertia valves to enhance the suspension to improve driving dynamics on the road. But apparently, Ducati never intended to launch a limited edition TK-01RR to cater to the enduro mountain bike market.

Instead, this e-bike was developed for riders who want to both stand out from the crowd and stay away from it all. And abundant carbon fiber, iconic red paint and unmistakable badges help the car, even when covered in dirt. Priced at $10,995 and including only 169 pieces, the limited edition Ducati TK-01RR has an equipment package thin enough that other riders won’t even realize it’s an e-bike – until they do. I suddenly eat dust and fall on the first pedal of each climb.

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