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Think about what your favorite YouTube channels are. What do they all have in common?

(Well, aside from the sheer number of subscribers.)

Let me give you a hint: Everyone probably has a very good quality custom YouTube banner on their profile. With just a glance you already have an idea of ​​what those channels can offer you.

A consistent and recognizable brand image is essential to growing your YouTube following. It is a very big first step for the marketing of your YouTube channel.

And it’s one of the ways to get more people interested in your videos, like this popular anime YouTube banner template from Venngage.

How to Make a Venngage Banner

If you don’t have much design experience, the idea of ​​designing your own YouTube banner from scratch might sound overwhelming.

That’s why before we dive into the tips on how to make your own creative Pop-Up Banners and Backdrops Bethesda, MD, I’d like to suggest a little shortcut:

You can save yourself the stress by using a YouTube banner template as the basis of your design.

A template will guide your design, while also ensuring that your banner has the correct measurements. The recommended dimensions for the YouTube banner are 2560 x 1440 pixels. So you must use the space very wisely.

If you want to get the most out of your banner, stay up to date on social media image size requirements that you must adhere to.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry.

This guide gives you some very useful tips so you can design your own YouTube banner, starting from a professional template.

1. Choose a YouTube banner template that fits your vision

When it comes to choosing a YouTube banner template, you need to look for a design that really works for you. Think about where you want to take the focus of your banner and what effect you want it to have.

There are some basic banner designs that you can use to get started.

Centered Title Layout

Placing the headline in the center of your banner draws attention to the font. The symmetrical layout is going to make your headline look very focused and bold.

2. Show a window of what viewers can expect from your channel

Someone probably came to your channel in one of two ways: they saw a video of yours and wanted to know more, or someone linked them to your channel.

Your banner can tell visitors whether or not your channel is going to offer them more than they are interested in. That means the style, tagline, and

3. Add your brand tagline or tagline

What is the elevator pitch of your channel? What is your highest value proposition? Add a catchy tagline to your YouTube banner.

Generally, YouTubers are going to put their tagline at the bottom or top of their banners. For example, this YouTube banner template for a Japanese cartoon review channel lists the topics they’ve covered in their videos at the bottom:

4. Keep your YouTube banner simple

There isn’t much room for you to add a lot of elements to your YouTube banner design. This is why it would be a good practice to keep your YouTube banner design simple.

For example, you only have to use a photo as the background for your banner, with only its title and nothing else. Just like in this YouTube banner template:

images you add have to give people a little glimpse of what your channel is about.

You can help the text pop out from the background and create a transparent layer. Just place your text on top of a square icon, and then adjust the icon’s opacity level so the background image can show through.

5. Use a font that shows the mood of your channel

The fonts you use can communicate the style, tone, and even theme of your channel. That’s why people tend to associate different personalities with different sources.

You probably went for the lively second font, right?

We tend to associate different sources with different types of industries. For example, serif fonts are typically the most traditional fonts in industries like publishing and insurance. While sans serif fonts can be commonly found in technology company branding.

While some fonts look more reliable and traditional, other fonts look more casual and fun. For example, check out the font this Good Mythical Morning comedy duo uses on their banner:

The font is somewhat extravagant and is not that serious. Now take a look at the most reputable and serious serif fonts that are used in the  Veritasium banner. His videos teach engineering and science concepts, plus he’s taken a style more aligned with the industry brand of traditional education:

See how sources can completely affect the tone of a channel?

Read our Netflix source psychology study to learn a little more about source personalities.

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