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As all readers of this site know, social networks are essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the business world.

Using Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus becomes something almost mandatory for anyone who wants to succeed as a freelancer, as they are fundamental tools to promote their work.

But we usually get into a discussion: aren’t social networks decreasing productivity at work?

Not only the self-employed are struggling with this problem, but also large companies, as a large number of them prohibit their workers from accessing social networks.

Mistake or right attitude? It all depends on the attitude of the worker.

If the freelancer is on social media instead of producing, they certainly won’t be of much help. But if you’re using them while taking a break because you’re using the Pomodoro technique, what’s the problem?

It will always depend on each one and their ability to focus on what they are doing. However, there are some tools for freelancers (also check out Klout) that help you spend a little less time on social media.

The ones I’m going to explore in today’s article are only for use in the company founded by Jack Dorsey and have been of immense use to me, not only in wasting less time but also in making my tweets more efficient.

So that you don’t waste any more time, I’m going to present the 15 tools that will help you get more followers on Twitter (also check out comprar seguidores Twitter). Have a good time!

I had already talked about this excellent site in my article about the 6 tools that help you save time as a freelancer, but I can’t mention it too much.

Buffer has been of immense use to me, as it helps me to keep those interesting articles that I see at less appropriate times.

For example, imagine that you are reading this article at five in the morning but you even found it interesting to share on your twitter. But who’s going to read it at five in the morning? Probably no one.

With Buffer, you have the opportunity to schedule your tweet at a time when the text can be read by more people (for example at seven in the evening).

Why publish something that can be read by 500 people when it could be read by 5,000? Its use is quite simple and registration is free. On top of that, Buffer is creating a similar application for Facebook, which will be launched in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Certainly not all the people you follow are actually necessary. With Manegeflitter, you can have a list of people:

  • Who else retweets
  • What more tweets publish
  • the ones that publish the least
  • The ones that are already inactive
  • The ones you follow but don’t follow you

Of course, some of these options are only in the paid version (12 dollars a month), but the free version is enough to get some relevant information.

Do you happen to know what time of day your followers are online? With Tweriod doing this is easier. Just connect to your Twitter account and the analysis is immediate. If you want a deeper analysis, pay $2.5 and get a full seven-day-a-week analysis forever. Here are some conclusions I came to:

  • Most retweets happen from Freelancer School at 3pm (time when the article comes out normally)
  • During the weekend the best time to tweet is between 5pm and 7pm and 10pm and 11pm
  • During the week the best time is between 17:00 and 20:00

Just to give you an idea of ​​the importance of this tool, now I know that if I tweet at 1 pm, I have an average of 77 people online, while if I do it at 10 pm that number increases to 106. Does that seem low? In terms of percentage it is an increase of 25%. Imagine these twitter accounts with thousands of followers.

Want to know how many retweets your last article got? Do an analysis on WhoTweetedMe and find out how many people have shared your text and what potential people this sharing may have reached. Unfortunately, the site is not always able to do this analysis, it is a matter of trying until it works.

Essential for anyone who wants to know a little more about the people they follow or to sniff out competitors. Formerly known as TwtrLand, in Klear you just enter the name of the person you want to know and it gives you a lot of information like when did they start using Twitter, how often they tweet or what are the most important tweets. A good way to also analyze your activity on Twitter.

Another site that can give you a lot of help on Twitter. Tweepi is another great site to be able to deal with who follows you and who you follow. Imagine that you want to follow all the people who follow you. With this site you just have to make a small selection and in a few minutes you can start following all the followers who follow your work.

It is the most used application on Twitter, with about 19% of the share market, and it allows you to use it together with other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. The Tweetdeck (a tip from @bineine) is a very complete desktop application that allows you to access messages, tweets or send your own tweets. In my opinion, the main advantage of this tool is that it allows you to manage several Twitter accounts at the same time, which is very helpful for bloggers who have accounts on several sites.

6 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers Free

1. Get engaged with your followers

One of the most basic points is to show yourself active to your followers. Be it starting to follow your followers back and always relating and interacting in some way, commenting, liking and retweeting something you think is relevant.

Always keep an eye on your timeline, it is essential that your followers notice that your profile is not a one-way street and that you are interested in what they are saying, do this with those who also don’t follow you but somehow interact with you. you.

Therefore, interacting with your audience is essential, the audience will see that your profile is active and consequently new followers will start following you.

2. Create valuable content

The best way to gain new Twitter followers is to keep the ones you already have and provide quality content. Because by doing this, your old follower will continue to follow you and will share with more people, and attracting new followers.

Despite being a faster social network with shorter information, since each tweet is limited to 280 characters, your content needs to be interesting and relevant.

It’s not enough to just share any news or something that has nothing to do with your niche, think of content that can be relevant to your audience.

If you use Twitter for your brand or business, people are interested in what you have to say. So it’s important to make one or another publication promoting and advertising your products or services, but not just focus on that.

Posting only promotions and ads can end up being tiring for those who follow you, so make posts with tips, phrases or content that have some value and that are useful in some way to your audience.

3. Make content shareable

In addition to quality content, another very important tip is that the content is shareable. It is essential to produce good and relevant content, but reaching new followers people need to like and want to share.

As we said before, if the content is good and your audience likes it, the chances of that person sharing it with another person and so on are greater and this makes new people start following your profile on Twitter.

Regardless of your company’s niche or brand, publishing a very extensive scientific article with several technical terms can be relevant, but it ends up not being very attractive.

So, instead of publishing it in full, extract the basics of that content and try to reduce it to a few tweets. That way your audience will not only read, they will be informed and likely have shared your content.

4. Retweet other people’s content

One of the native Twitter tools that helps a lot to share and increase engagement with your followers is Retweet. Retweeting and sharing content relevant to your audience goes a long way in gaining followers.

An efficient way to gain followers using retweet is to search for hashtags that are similar to the content on your profile and find the best tweets. That way you produce relevant content for your audience without much effort.

5. Write a professional bio

Before you start tweeting and sharing tons of amazing content to your followers. It’s important to check your profile, update your cover photo, and create a description about yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your account is personal or professional, it’s essential that you include a description about yourself in your profile. This makes new followers interested in your profile and start following you.

You can add links in your bio, there you can put links from your website, blog or other social networks. It’s very important to use it to bring that Twitter audience to your business’s website.

6. Use hashtags

Created by Twitter, hashtags have enormous strength within the social network. Using hashtags that are on trend topics, the most talked about topics in Brazil and the world, is a great chance to make your content more visible.

However, in addition to the hashtags commented on at the moment, it is also possible to create content with hashtags that have to do with your brand, including creating hashtags and calling your audience to engage with it.

With so many tools, should I use them all?

In my opinion, these are the best tools on the market. They help you to save a lot of time, have a better analysis and even boost your Twitter account. Of course, you won’t be able to use them all, but for sure some of them will help you manage your accounts and get more followers.

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