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This has happened far too often, and it’s been repeated far too often. It happens when you leave your car unattended for long periods of time, whether you’re on vacation or moving. Later, you find that it is necessary to service the car to make it run normally. If you follow the right steps to keep your car in good condition, it is possible to avoid this. 

Bubble Time Express Car Wash in Madison is a family-run company that specializes in quick car washes. You can call them for prompt service if you’re looking for the best car wash in your area. These are some ways to properly store your car so you don’t have to spend money on servicing it when you want to use it again.


When You Leave, Do Not Activate The Handbrake

The brake pads can become stuck to the drums or discs if the handbrake is engaged for a long time. This can cause brake pads to stick to the discs or drums, which will result in serious problems when you try to drive the car again. To stop the car from rolling, you can use wheel chocks (e.g. a piece or brick) to keep it in first gear.


You Can Park Indoors Or Cover Your Car With A Car Cover

If possible, park your car indoors. This will keep your car in good condition and much  cleaner. You can also get quality covers if you don’t already have one. You should make sure to get one that fits your vehicle. Avoid using the cover indoors, as it will make moisture evaporate faster, especially during humid weather.


Car Wash Madison Wisconsin is a good place to go if you want to keep the outside of your car clean. The Bubble Time Car Wash offers washing services to stop damage brought on by inclement weather, such as snow, rain, dust, and sun.


Spark Plug Care to Keep Car In Good Condition

It is a good idea to take out the spark plugs before you leave the car running for too long. Before you put the plugs back, spray some oil in the sockets. This will prevent the cylinder head from rusting and protect the engine from moisture. Fuel additives can be used to protect the engine’s internals. You should only do this if you feel comfortable with the car’s mechanics.


Before Parking The Car, Clean The Interior

Although it might seem obvious, we will tell you anyway. People often leave garbage in their cars. This includes chocolate wrappers, biscuit wrappers with crumbs inside, old newspapers, water bottles, and so forth. This could cause damage to floor mats, seat covers, and wiring, or worse, attract rodents. Clean the interior and spray some freshener. However, don’t use too much because it can cause a bad smell in closed spaces for a prolonged period.

Scroll down to know more tips to keep your car in good condition. 


Fuel Tank Topped Up

Rusting on the fuel tank is one of the biggest problems when a car is left unattended. This can be avoided by filling the car with quality petrol and adding fuel additives. This will prevent moisture from entering the tank and also prevent the fuel tank from rusting. You should also ensure that the tank is properly sealed so that you can keep your car in good condition. 


Battery Maintenance

If you are going to be away for a while, it is best to take out the battery. To prevent corrosion, grease or petroleum jelly can be applied to the terminals. Make sure the battery is fully charged. Also, make sure to top up the water level. The battery should be kept dry and away from direct sunlight.


Protection Of Paint Jobs

The weather, dirt, and moisture can cause damage to a car’s paintwork. Clean the exterior of your car thoroughly to prevent any damage. Before applying wax or polish, clean the exterior thoroughly. This will keep moisture out. The car cover provides complete protection and keeps your car in good condition. 


Verify The Pressure And Alignment Of The Wheels

Checking the pressure of your tires is an important tip for car maintenance. This should be checked regularly to ensure that your car’s tyres have enough air. It will reduce the likelihood of tyre wear. An alignment of the wheels allows for optimal driving, fuel efficiency, improved efficiency, and longer life, and lowers the cost of repairs.


All Fluids

Engine oil isn’t the only fluid inside a car. There are other fluids as well, such as coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid. You should fill the fluid according to the label. Your car will be in its best condition if you have the fluids changed on a regular basis.


Replace/Check Oil Filter/Air filter

Regular oil filter inspections are essential to maintain vehicle performance. Dust can build up on your air filter if you drive in dusty conditions. It can cause engine problems and reduce efficiency. To ensure that your car’s engine runs efficiently, it is important to clean the air filter.


The Battery

To keep your car in good condition and extend the life of its battery, it must be cleaned regularly. You should inspect the terminals of your battery to make sure there is no rust or damage. It must be removed immediately if you discover any rust or damage. You must ensure that you run the car at least two times per week if you haven’t used it for a while to maintain its working condition.


Verify If There Is A Rattling Sound

You should never ignore a rattling sound coming out of your car’s chassis. This could be a sign of a serious problem with your car and should be inspected to keep your car in good condition. You can avoid major repairs by fixing the rattling sound.


Bottom line

Regular auto service will help you to keep your car in good condition. Modern cars can be run with minimal maintenance. Your spark plugs, transmissions, chassis, and suspensions don’t have to be changed. They can also be lubricated for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, reliability and failsafe features have been greatly improved. The latest cars can now travel up to 200,000 miles without needing servicing. It is a good idea to consult the manual for any indications of car servicing.

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