These bets have amounts determined in advance. Before and during the flop, the bets that are made will have to be equal to the big blind. They will double in value on the turn and river. In this option,  up to 4 bets per player are allowed  in each and every one of the betting rounds.

No Limit Texas Hold’Em

It is the same as the big blind, but each player has the option to  bet all his chips  at the time he wishes. The minimum raise in this form of Hold’Em poker must be at least the same amount of the bet. For example, if the first bet is 2 euros, the next player must raise at least another two, that is, they must make a bet of 4 euros. The max raise is only up to your chip limit, so you can raise as many times as you can.

Play Texas Hold’Em on mobile

In order to enjoy all of Casino Barcelona’s Texas Hold’Em poker offer, you must install our poker software in Spanish . It is a very quick and simple process, after which you will only have to choose the game mode that you like the most.

In addition to this, you can also enjoy 홀덤사이트 poker wherever you are and with the highest quality thanks to our poker app . This tool is  free and compatible  with both Android and iOS. Once you have the app on the mobile device of your choice, you will be able to play the best of our online poker offer with all the features and total security.

Frequent questions

How many cards are dealt in Texas Hold’Em online poker?

In all its modalities, two cards are dealt to each and every one of the players present in the game. Along with these two personal cards, players can also use the 5 community cards that will be visible to everyone.

How are the cards dealt in Texas Hold’Em poker?

Each of the rounds that are played start with the distribution of two cards face down for each one. These two cards that players receive can only be revealed at the end of each hand or if everyone goes all-in.

Is it better to play Hold’Em Poker with or without limit?

These types of decisions are usually very personal because they depend on the tastes and objectives of each one. If you are more cautious, limit poker may suit you better, while no limit is better suited to users who want to take more risks.

Can I play Hold’Em poker on my mobile device?

Of course yes. All you have to do is download the Casino Barcelona app to take this poker option wherever you want. Our app gives you the best usability and quality so you can enjoy poker wherever you are.

Play responsibly

At Casino Barcelona we maintain our commitment to safe gaming, therefore, we recommend that you always follow the advice of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) regarding responsible gaming. Remember that our guides and tips only seek to give you valuable information so that you can enjoy the best possible gaming experience. Remember that in no case are these foolproof methods with which profits are guaranteed or anything like that.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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