There is always a “no-good wear” complaint with girls! On the right occasion, we never find the right stylish outfit. I know; it happens to me as well. A few days back, I was invited to a friend’s birthday party, but I missed it because I had no good clothes to wear. I know there was a lot in my wardrobe, but they all were now out of fashion. So, that day, I decided to go for a shopping haul, and I got some fantastic, stylish, and trendiest outfits. Do you want some terrific suggestions? I got you. 

Today, I am here to share my ideas about the top chicest tops for women for those “nothing to wear” kinda days. And yeah, don’t worry about your body type because I have covered a long list of fashionable clothes. I’m sure there is enough for you to pick up, if not all.

Trendiest Top for Every Style and Body Shape | Our Top 05 Picks!

Does it ever happen to you? That you might go to pick something new from your wardrobe and find nothing new? It always takes 15 minutes to decide what can go for the day! But it’s an old story because TODAY IS DIFFERENT! Today we are unpacking our wardrobe and stuffing some new, stylish, trendiest tops and t-shirts that can be a perfect fit for all occasions!

Wait, you might be thinking, how can I know your type? I might not know! But I know what dresses are the top trendiest in 2022. No matter whether you are someone who always loves to walk around in t-shirts or jeans, or someone who loves to experiment with different styles! We have something for everyone out there! That is why I am glad today that I got you. So let’s chase the style until it’s too late!

So, here is an all-inclusive list of the Top 05 Types of T-Shirts and Tops for All Girls.

And here we go:

  • A-Line Top:

So, the first pick of our top-trendiest tops is an A-line Top! It always drives me crazy. A-line Tops are a perfect go for casual wear. It not only looks fashionable, but by accessorizing with adorable looking-handbags, it can create cute looks for girls! It has a characteristic of a silhouette in its A-line shape. And that A-line shape gradually begins to widen towards the hemline. This overall look gives a great impression and shows a perfect A Shape. The A-line Top also has some additional characteristics like it suits all body types, is not too fitted, and is not too loose! A-line Tops are perfect for every occasion!

Suitable for Body Type: This dress compliments different body types. However, some can look the prettiest on A-line Top: round-shaped, triangle-shaped, rectangle-shaped, and pear-shaped.

  • Fitted T-Shirt Like Top:

Are you fond of fitted t-shirts? They are in today! Because a perfectly fitted t-shirt is the best tool to enhance your body curves. They look stunning and less formal than an everyday casual shirt. This style is not crisp, as the collar of a fitted t-shirt does not have a characteristic feature like Gildan G640L. These shirts are perfectly structured for the office environment. And you can create different styles daily by pairing them with different jeans. They look stylish and perfect for a comfortable 9 to 5 life! My personal recommendation is Gildan G640L. They have an added structure and are popular among the fitted tees for women. Another plus is you can go around in different places without getting despairing about creases!

Suitable for Body Type: They are best because they are ideal for all body types! You only need to find your perfect fit to slay the day!

  • Bardot Sexy Top for Girls:

Nothing can create a sexier look than a Bardot Top! Girl, you can’t imagine what I am talking about! All thanks to this gorgeous lady, Brigitte Bardot (French fashion icon). She had contributed more than we imagined in the fashion industry. This game-changer lady brought up the next level of fashion in the market: a top with a Bared-Shoulder! This style is not only unique but appealing on first dates and proms! Undoubtedly, there are many stylish ways to flaunt this stunning Bardot Top! If you are looking for the newest summer trends, it’s right here!

Suitable for Body Type: Make this stylish Bardot Top your best friend, and you got your luck! The best part is it can go for all body types!

  • Blouson Top:

Blouson Top or simple Blouse! It’s a very basic but flowy top for women and girls. It has a fitted and elasticated waistband which makes the overall look! They look incredible with skinny jeans. Or style them with your favorite pair of wide-legged pants. Blouson Top is timeless fashion! You can never go wrong with this classy, trendy fashion style! Furthermore, this fashion statement comes with different sleeves, like three-fourths length or long sleeves. If you have one of these body types, go for it without wasting a second.

Suitable for Body Type: Rectangle-shaped, Inverted-Triangle shaped.

  • Top Trending Bodysuit for Women:

Ever wear a swimsuit? It’s just like that! But obviously, it’s more stylish and one of the top picks of every girl out there! If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, go get this girl. The definition of this suit is on point. Made of a single piece, this elegant-looking garment covers the torso and the crotch. And with a stylish look, it can double your body shape, which goes perfect for skinny girls!

Suitable for Body Type: If you are pear-shaped, triangle-shaped, rectangle-shaped or hourglass-shaped, you can enjoy a carefree day with this stylish icon!


I hope you find this article helpful. Try all or at least one of these! You might not know which can go perfectly for you. 

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