Despite challenges, the cannabis sector has shown to be robust and beneficial. As it grows, newcomers may perceive a decrease in career chances.

However, in reality, the industry is at its peak. States are continuing to legalize cannabis use, and AAAAA Weed Same Day Delivery In Kitchener is increasing. Every day, new work opportunities emerge. At the same time, cannabis wages are rising by leaps and bounds. The $31 billion business currently has more than 20 roles that pay six figures on a monthly basis.

As pay increases, so does the competitiveness of the job market. We’ve identified some of the best current opportunities to work in the cannabis industry according to availability, salary, and more.

Plant-Oriented Job Roles

There are four broad categories of job roles that deal directly with the cannabis plants. Candidates with the right backgrounds can leverage their knowledge to optimize processes in these principal areas:


Cultivation Jobs In The Cannabis Industry Include Growing, Trimming, And The Best Indica Same Day Delivery Online In Kitchener In An Industrial Grow Environment. Since These Jobs Deal Directly With Cultivating Cannabis, Job Candidates With A Background In Horticulture Are Likely To Stand Out From The Rest.

However, there are great entry-level opportunities for trimmers and post harvesters to work their way up to management-level cultivation positions. This is good news, as cultivation managers make an average of $112,650 per year.


Extraction jobs in the cannabis industry include all of the steps required to turn commercial-grade cannabis into the wide assortment of oils, tinctures, and topical that cannabis users consume. The best job candidates for extraction positions have chemistry backgrounds. In particular, candidates who specialize in organic chemistry have the best chance of putting their expertise to use directly.

Chemists, extraction managers, quality control specialists, and compliance officers are all involved with the extraction process. Compliance officers are the only ones who don’t necessarily need a chemistry background to excel since their job focuses on keeping the operation compliant with local and federal regulations.

Leadership positions in cannabis extraction earn high salaries. Directors earn an average of $118,500 per year. However, unlike cultivation and retail, it’s unlikely that a candidate can obtain a leadership position without the right educational background.


Manufacturing jobs in the cannabis industry include packagers, production technicians, and production supervisors. Packagers make up the entry-level position, which focuses on manually organizing and arranging cannabis products for shipment and sale. Middle- and upper-level management positions typically require an educational background in operations management and production.

Edible manufacturers also hire specialists with professional kitchen experience. Topical manufacturers look for candidates with chemistry and cosmetic science backgrounds.

By Nikita Anjum

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