It is no secret that packaging plays a huge role in the success of new brands. Appealing packaging can help you to stand out from your competitors and get noticed on the shelves. Appealing packaging also helps create an emotional connection with potential customers, leading them to purchase your products over others. 

Moreover, with custom boxes wholesale, you give a premium look to your apparel items, and you can easily promote your brand. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about appealing packaging before adopting a type for your brand. So, let’s find out! 

What is Apparel Packaging?  

Apparel packaging is the package that holds your apparel piece. Appealing packaging can be anything from a simple plastic bag to custom boxes wholesale or an elegant box with your branding on it. Appellant packaging and its design are essential for any new fashion brand because they help create consumer connections, which leads them to buy products over others. 

Why Has It Become the Necessity for Every Apparel Brand? 

Appeal packaging is very important because it makes people want to purchase products over others. It creates consumer connections with customers by giving them something they not only see but feel too, thus making them more likely interested in what the company has to offer. Appealing packages help promote brands’ desired image through their style and design while including minimalistic details about the clothing inside, such as size or color, depending on where it would be sold (online vs. brick-and-mortar store). 

It is very important to have a pleasing look for your apparel packaging because it can make or break the sale. Appealing to packaging will help with brand recognition and create consumer connections, which leads them to buy products over others. It becomes necessary when every new fashion designer wants their product on-trend and appealing, so they stand out in stores. 

Moreover, it helps in creating your brand identity in the market and buy consumers loyalty. Appealing packaging is also good for branding and helps in creating connections with consumers, which leads them to buy products over others. 

Types of Apparel Packaging 

There are many types of appealing packaging available in the marketplace today: 

Apparel Bags 

Simple bags that hold one product as well as more complex ones that hold multiple pieces at once. These bags come in different shapes and sizes, differing degrees of stiffness and resistance capacity against tearing, punctures, dents, etc. There’s also a wide variety of materials that can be used for these apparel bags, including: 

  • Cotton 
  • Polyester 
  • Paperboard 

Apparel Hangers 

Clothes hangers with a hook to hold the product at its neck; apparel hangers are advantageous in that they allow consumers to browse more products from different angles and categories. They also offer easier access to specific garments or clothing items within a category without having them pile up on top of one another, as it is usually done with apparel racks. 

The packaging companies focus on the shape, size, and design of these boxes, which make your products stand out among competitors’ brands. 

Apparel Display Boxes 

A packaging company can also create a custom display box for your products. Apparel display boxes are usually made from paperboard or corrugated cardboard and come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, types of closures (Velcro tape), opening formats (flaps), and design options. 

Apparel Display Boxes allow you to have the perfect vessel for showcasing your garments without having to worry about any other type of presentation accessory that has been created by competitors who want their brands to stand out more than yours. 

Cartons for Apparel Boxes 

These cartons are large and sturdy, which makes them great for apparel display boxes. In addition, they can be printed on a single or double-sided offset printing press to provide you with the best quality in presentation possible. 

These cartons are used when companies need to pack multiple products at once, so they are ideal for companies that want to offer a variety of apparel and accessories. 

Advantages of Apparel Cartons: 

  • They allow you to pack products with different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, etc., which means that your company has multiple merchandising options available to them when these display boxes are used in the store or on their online shop. 
  • These cartons can double as shipping containers if needed because they have excellent protection against rough handling during transport. This is important when it comes to ensuring product integrity throughout shipping cycles for any custom box wholesale orders placed by customers who also might need packaging solutions at some point! 

Stand Up Pack for Clothes 

Many different types of apparel packaging exist, but the stand-up pack is one that is becoming more and more popular for clothing items. This type features a cover flap with elastic at the top to protect an item when it’s out on display or being handled by customers. 

The manufacturer can then use any number of finishing touches like foil stamping, spot gloss lamination, UV coating, etc., depending on what they want their product to look like! 

Blister Packing 

In blister packing, more than one garment is packed into a polybag in a size and color ratio. This type of packaging is ideal for retailers who have a lot of customers coming in because it allows them to buy the right amount without having too much or not enough. 

There are two main types of blister packaging: 

  • Basic 
  • Custom Blisters 

Basic Blisters 

Basic blisters come as small strips that can be torn apart by hand. This type is perfect for retail stores with limited space on their shelves. 

Custom Blister Packing 

Custom blister packing comes tailored to your specific needs – all you do is provide the dimensions. This ensures that everything looks exactly how you want it before going out onto store shelves. The cost varies depending on what level of customization you need. 

You can choose any type depending upon your business requirements. 

Which Type of Apparel Packaging a Newbie Brand Should Adopt for Its Products?  

It is difficult for a newbie brand to determine which type of apparel packaging it should adopt. Custom Apparel Boxes are perfect because they come in different shapes and sizes, meaning you can choose the size that best suits your product’s needs. Many packaging companies are producing these packaging boxes for their customers, but Stampa Prints is one of the top ones. It has vast experience in manufacturing custom boxes, so you can place your order to them to get the best deals of the market. 

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