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Wildlife in India: A Different World Altogether

By Google Boy
  • May 17, 2015

Wildlife in India: A Different World Altogether..

You can be a lover of wildlife or an environmentalist. It is better to come to India and fully explore this area. India is a dream destination for the animal and bird lovers and you get a chance to have a deep research in this area. You can become an environmental specialist. You can be an inspiration after making the deep study of many species of birds and animals located in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. You have many wildlife sanctuaries in India and you are invited to spend good time in the country and become an example for the world. There are some legendary authors who are inspired by the National parks and wildlife sanctuaries. One of them is the author of Jungle Book by the name R. Kipling. 

India wildlife is yet to be unexplored the fullest. The first and foremost thing for this is the passion for the creatures. The second is the perseverance and working in a team and collecting the important facts. This is also called the data collection. Even as an environmentalist, you need to specialize in the particular creatures. You can either be a reptile expert or a specialist in the different species of leopards or tigers. You have to be the master or specialist of one area rather than being a jack of all trades and master of none. 
Anshi National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary 

There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. If you are an adventure lover or an environmentalist, you can go and spend some days in the Anshi national park. It is located in district of Uttar Kannada along Goa border. This is actually in a 340 sq km area and also joins wildlife sanctuary of Dandeli. There are six other protected areas in states of Goa and Maharashtra and together it forms forest cover of 2200 sq km. You have some exclusive species in this park and these include malenistic leopards apart from elephants, tigers, Deers and many more. 

The Management of the National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary 
The responsibility of the park management is under the PCCF (Principal Chief Conservator of forests). The deputy conservator of forests heads the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. 

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India- You can see a Different World 
Exploration of the species and a research on them in the wildlife sanctuaries in India is altogether a different field. It is a real fun but there has to be a passion for wild life. During your adventures and encounters with India wildlife, you will really feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment. It will be a contribution to the preservation of the environment. It will be a world of difference. 

You can visit the Jim Corbett national park, the Ranthambore national park, the Sunderbans, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary in Himalayas, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and National parks in Rajasthan. It will really be an amazing experience to have an encounter with the different world. You can spend time in the parks with your family and have safari rides.

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