What iPhone 5 Protective Case You Should Look Out For

By Chris Cui
  • Nov 02, 2017


If you’re looking for protective iPhone 5 cases to keep your iPhone 5 safe, you might be confused about which is the right case to get. After all, there are so many different iPhone 5 cases out there, all with different protective features. Among screen guards and bumpers, sealing protection and raised bevels. Which features are the most important? Which will protect your phone the best? In this article, we’ll tell you all about the different protective features you might find on iPhone 5 cases.


Raised bevel


A raised bevel is a pretty common feature on iPhone 5 cases, and you’ll find it on most of them except some of the super slim models. A raised bevel is the part of the case that rises above your screen. Sometimes it’s made of absorbent TPU, sometimes of polycarbonate, and sometimes metal. Usually it forms part of the bumper, which we’ll discuss later.


The purpose of a raised bevel is mainly to protect your screen. If your phone falls to the ground face down, your screen is likely to crack. But a raised bevel takes the impact instead of your screen, keeping your display intact.


Screen protector


Many iPhone 5 cases also come with screen protectors. These might be built into the case, which is more common with waterproof iPhone 5 cases. Or they might come as part of the phone case package but not as a built-in part of the case. Some iPhone 5 owners prefer to have tempered glass to protect their phone screen. The Metallic, featured in the previous section, has a super strong tempered glass screen guard.


Whichever option you go for – attached or unattached, tempered glass or not – your screen will be protected. There are no hard and fast rules about which type of screen protector is better. So when you’re looking for iPhone 5 cases and wondering which screen guard you should get, you can just pick the one that suits you best.


Frames and bumpers


Sometimes the terms ‘frame’ and ‘bumper’ are used interchangeably, sometimes not. We know that can be a little confusing, but bear with us. By the end of this section you’ll be fully in the know. Both frames and bumpers wrap around the outside edges and corners of your phone. These are the most vulnerable parts of your device and need the most protection. A thin piece of metal inside the case, hidden by the outside layers, is called a ‘frame’. This is not a very common feature in iPhone 5 cases, but it’s very protective. A piece of material that wraps around your phone edges and corners and is visible when you’ve got the case on is called a ‘bumper’. (Though, just to be confusing, sometimes they’re also called frames). This could be made of TPU, aluminum alloy, or polycarbonate.


It has a thick aluminum alloy bumper wrapping around all the edges and corners of your iPhone. This makes it super protective and awesome at keeping your phone safe if you drop it. In fact, we think the Atomic 3.0 is one of the best iPhone 5 cases out there when it comes to drop protection.




Another awesome protection in your iPhone 5 cases is layers. This is especially important if the phone case doesn’t have a thick bumper. When you drop your phone to the ground, the impact is very strong. This impact is absorbed by the bumper and the layers in the case. Layers might be made of: Colored TPU, Colored TPU, Clear TPU, Polycarbonate, glass.


Check out its three layers. The first layer is a metallic frame or bumper, to wrap around the corners and edges and keep them safe. Next is the crystal clear cover made of absorbent TPU gel. Finally, the tempered glass screen protector is attached to the front of your phone.


Sealing protection


If a case is advertised as ‘waterproof’, ‘fireproof’ or ‘mud proof’, then that means it must have sealing protection. If you dropped your iPhone 5 in water, snow or mud right now, you’d have problems. Mud could seep into your headphone jack. Water could penetrate through your speaker system. Snow would melt and you’d be stuck with one wet, cold iPhone that probably won’t switch on.


But with sealing protection, all that changes. All the little gaps in your phone such as the headphone jack and charging port get covered up with precision cut covers. These can be removed when you need to get access to your ports. But you can still read your massage or play games on your phone even used a seal-up waterproof bag phone case. When you’re ready to take your iPhone 5 on adventures, you know you’re protected.


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