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What Happen When Your Best Friend Get Married?

By shilpi Sharma
  • Mar 21, 2015

What Happen  When Your Best Friend Get Married?

When your best friend gets married, it is one of the best days of your life! You’re so glad to see them embark on a new journey of their life. Well, the happiness lasts till the drama settles down. And then you realize, from a friendship point of view, that it might not have been such a great thing for them to settle down after all. For your sake. You’re still happy for them – but secretly, you have to contend with these 11 annoying things that happen after.

1. They are too busy to make impromptu plans with.

After your best friend gets married, it’s all about family time and visiting relatives and things like that. You cannot even think about calling them up on a Friday evening, and asking them to hang out for a couple of drinks. No sir! They don’t have time for that anymore.

2. They are suddenly more into couple activities.

Something happens after getting hitched that makes all married couples want to do couple stuff. Well, that is probably fun in its own way – but no way it’s better than the stag nights with just the boys, right?

3. They bring their spouse to every place.

Just because they tied the knot does not mean they got joined at the hip. When the said stag night is planned and they show up with the wife, it is just weird. Just take the hint already, bruh.

4. All the fun stuff you guys used to do together, they do it now with their S.O.

Wanted to catch that new thriller the two of you were waiting for since last year? Well, too bad, they already went and watched it. With their partner.

5. Conversation topics change from crazy random talk to domestic stuff.

When you two do catch up, it feels weird to have them talking about housing loans or other grown up, domestic stuff. Either they grew up very fast, or your emotional growth got stunted.

6. Try as you might, you cannot get rid of the feeling that they have changed.

There’s something about your best friend after they got married that you just can’t pin down – but you can tell they’ve changed. They’re more mature and practical and... er, boring?

7. It’s suddenly inappropriate to call them at odd hours just to talk.

You never used to think twice about sometimes calling them up way past bedtime before, but suddenly it begins to feel like an intrusion of privacy because they’re not free agents anymore. It can wait till morning, we guess.

8. They need to check in with their spouses before everything!

Staying an extra hour late outside with friends means calling up the S.O. and checking in with them. Which is fine, except that you feel annoyed that your best friend no longer seems to have their freedom. None of your business, but you know.

9. You feel like you’ve been replaced in your friend’s order of priority.

It’s no longer the awesome twosome anymore. People change, things change – and everybody moves on. They’re still your best buddy, but they have a life separate from you now.

10. You actually have to behave when you visit their house.

Gone are the days when you could just consider your best friend’s house as your second home. Now you have to actually wipe your shoes on the doormat and try not to mess shit up when you visit. How constricting!

11. Your parents start nagging you about your marriage even more.

A completely warped effect that your best buddy’s wedding has on your life is that you folks get on your case even more. If your best friend finally decided to settle down, then you damn well should too!


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