What Difference Phone Case Make to You

By Chris Cui
  • Nov 01, 2017


Every time when we look at someone holding a phone with a crashed screen, and still staring on it, we would have the intense mind to suggest him of using a case. It is only a case that matters the safety of our cellphone, why not use it? We all have roughly the same smart phones with the same worry on the screen and the same fancy camera with the same addicting App, it is the case that makes all the difference. Our iPhone case is how we choose to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world. So I submit to you the following hypothesis: everything I need to learn about you, I can learn from your iPhone case. Here we explain it on the description below:


The Godzilla-Mary Poppins Super Wallet Case


You know what I'm talking about. This is the phone case that might be a wallet, or maybe a purse, but it is so big and has a handle that it’s really hard to tell. We all know that one person who has the case the size of a small purse. Sure the iPhone 6+ is big, but in this case it almost becomes an iPad Pro. Like Mary Poppins bag, this case holds everything and more. If you have this case "packing light" is not in your vocabulary and probably travel with an entire entourage Queen of Sheba style just to carry your luggage. Wondering why that friend keeps missing your calls? This might be the answer.


The Bedazzled, Blinged Out iPhone Case for the Star in All of Us


This is the phone that reflects the very light of the sun and to stun all who dare look upon its blingy-ness. Don’t worry you’ll see the phone before the person. You'll probably hear them too because the typical user of this case is loud and proud. If this phone case was a super hero it’s power would be blinding you with bling while screaming in your ear. The bling phone harkens back to the days of youth when you decided that bedazzling everything you owned was the hippest idea in the world (true story). Look especially for the phone blinged up in special designs. Bonus points if the reflection of the phone can be used to hail a ship while stranded on a desert island.


The Indestructible iPhone Case


The case that is meant to be indestructible (except when your teenage sister puts in through a snow blower, drives over it and drops it down a rock face while mountain biking). But really we all have that friend who’s case is perpetually cracked or fried or in the process of getting fixed. If a person rocks this case then you had better believe they are clumsy, or Bear Grylls, but probably just clumsy. Generally a significant other, friend or parent buys them this case in hopes that this will protect the phone. Sometimes it’s the magic cure all. Sometimes my sister happens to exist and can break any case or phone, even this one.


The Naked iPhone Case


No case to be seen, just utter bravery or foolishness on behalf of the owner. This “case” owner likes to live on the edge. A person rocking their iPhone 'Au Natural' is probably a very responsible person who has his life together and has figured out the great mysteries of life. He or she likes the simple luxuries in life, and doesn't need a case to stand out because they are already different enough. Less is more, and silence is a statement. Meant to give ulcers to people like me, this imaginary case is about as protective as a rain jacket during a hurricane. Generally Murphy’s Law runs strongest in instances like this.


The Swiss Army Knife Cases


The multi-functional phone case, because having a computer in your hand isn’t enough. You my friend are one busy person. Sure you have a phone capable of writing papers, paying taxes, searching the Internet, playing videogames and oh right, taking calls. But it is not. Whether it is a camera attachment or Swiss Army knife extravaganza this case knows no ends to the gadgets it wants to include. You probably also have a "Go bag," a "SHTF plan," and a "Bug Out Bag." You probably pride yourself on your "EDC." The Inspector Gadget of cases complete with every mechanism you could ever want and even the ones you don’t really need. Or you are Bear Grylls.


The Case That Brings It All Together


But the case that’s always brought itself home for me? The Bella Fino iPhone 6s Plus Case from Pad & Quill has always been my personal favorite. It has all the excitement of a naked phone without the danger. It has space for cards and cash, and the luxury of something haute couture. It’s the case that treats those who make it with respect and fair pay and is meant for the grown-up adventurer. The leather wears itself into your hand and it is guaranteed to last longer than the phone itself. Plus the handcrafted leather is perfect for personalizing whether it is with a sticker from your favorite TV show or a bedazzled set of initials. Combine it with a Wood line iPhone wooden case for real wood & kevlar edge protection and you have the best iPhone case combo on the planet! The Pad & Quill iPhone cases are as versatile as they are well built. Plus with a small business background and leather meant to stand out, it can just as easily fit in the pocket of your local hipster as it can the briefcase of the businesswoman.


Since we all have our own opinion about phone case, there is impossible to see it on the same way. Anyway, we suggest use a suitable case for your phone since it is valuable and important to you. There is repair service on most online, you may have your crashed iPhone screen changed easily and so as other phone brand models, and get a full protection phone case for your cellphone.

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