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What advantages make Galaxy S8 unparalleled

By Chris Cui
  • Sep 15, 2017


On March 29, 2017 Samsung Company released the Galaxy S8, the aircraft equipped with 10nm process Xiao Long 835 and Exynos 8895 processor, with 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches two versions of option. Because of its beautiful appearance and strong performance S8 won a high reputation among many users, but also got the title of "King of smartphone". What is the advantage of Samsung Galaxy S8? Why there are so many people who have given good comment? With this doubt, let Cell Phone Age from several aspects, to do a detailed analysis of its excitement.


Appearance on the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a full view surface screen, and it’s the first time to use of the 18.5: 9 screen ratio, a smaller body, but built in a display of larger screen ratio, no doubt for users to bring better experience and the perfect visual effect. No Home key design, the overall design is a monochrome, slightly mature and beautiful. On performance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 equipped with 10nm process Xiaolong 835 and their own produced Exynos 8895 processor.


On battery lifetime, although the Samsung Galaxy S8 power data is very conservative, only with the capacity of 3500mAh, but at the point of view on actual life test, the performance of battery lifetime is very nice. For equipped with a larger display of the Samsung S8 series of mobile phones, battery life performance is enough to meet daily use for one day. On camera, Samsung S8 uses a 12 million pixel full-pixel dual-core sensor, 14um large pixel, OIS optical image stabilization, F1.7 aperture, support for selective focus, support 4K video recording, and use the Sony IMX333 sensor, Samsung Galaxy S8 in the camera is still relatively good.


On function, various practical and innovative small features are also the highlight of the Samsung Galaxy S8, including heart rate monitor, support micro SD card expansion, and dustproof and waterproof. Samsung Galaxy S8 also added the first Bixby assistant entity keys, by which assistant to join the S8 series phone becomes even more powerful, the use is more intelligent. Attachment: DeX docking station. As the first innovative introduction of DeX docking station can be described as one of the Samsung Galaxy S8 explosive focus. This base can make your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note within 8 seconds to change into the notebook similar to a desktop computer.


In terms of sound quality, both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus support 32-bit PCM and DSD64 / 128 playback of high-quality sound, to give users the ultimate enjoyment of the sound quality, with the box equipped with headphones more by AKG tuning quality sound, and wear comfortable appearance Design, you can enjoy the music to bring the joy. On grasp feel, because there is a full screen + double curved screen smooth design, making the Samsung Galaxy S8 not only looks very rounded, feel is also very superb.


Galaxy S8 is the first high-end smartphone launched by Samsung since last year Galaxy Note 7 fire accident happened. However the sales of S8 and S8 Plus have not been seriously affected by the Galaxy Note 7 fire accident, even the response is better than last generation of Galaxy S7. In South Korea only the number of pre-orders has been more than 1 million, which made a new record on Samsung pre-orders in its domestic market.


After the accident, Samsung was forced to recall all the Note 7 mobile phones that had been sold, resulting in a loss of more than $ 5 billion. Industry analysts generally believe that Samsung needs to be successful, favoring, flawless release Galaxy S8. However, this new flagship release is not really perfect, as Samsung last week admitted that it developed for Apple Siri artificial intelligence tool Bixby started not to support all the features, its voice activation function may have to wait to be ready until the company releases Galaxy S8in the United States.


The advantage of mobile phone USB is the interaction of data exchange, the user can store some data in the phone USB. When you want to visit directly put it into the phone will be available. But it can also easily back up the phone data, to prevent data from loss led by phone loss. In addition, there is a most convenient and practical way, that is, through the Samsung S8 mobile phone memory storage card slot for expansion.


Getting the Samsung S8, the first feeling is very stunning, and looks different from photo. Ultra-high screen accounted ratio brings better cool experience. For Samsung S8 and S8 Plus the upper and lower borders are the same height, compared to S7 to thin a half, the resulting change is a positive screen increased while the body does not increase but reverse, another change is the original entity Home key + the border virtual button completely turn into the in-screen virtual button, and the original fingerprint recognition button has been set in the front was forced to turn to the rear, set on the right side of the camera.


Although we cannot yet make conclusive on the performance of Samsung S8, but in fact, in addition to the rear camera hardware is not upgraded, both from the overall design, hardware and software configuration or innovation, and so on, on speaking of objectivity Samsung this generation of flagship has made great progress compared to previous, especially the revolution on design is undoubtedly very attractive. At present Samsung S8 64GB unlocked smartphone is in stock for sale at Cell Phone Age com.

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