Using tips for iPad mini 3 to operate easily

By Chris Cui
  • Sep 12, 2017


According to Apple's announcement at the new product press conference, iPad mini 3 in addition to the added Touch ID features and the golden version has no essential difference from the second generation of products, which is one of the main reasons, that results low popularity of iPad mini 3. But there is industry insiders pointed out that the reason of Apple has introduced iPad mini 3 that no substantial update of new products, mainly in order to make iPad mini and large-screen iPhone significantly different in the hardware, so that it will not cause problems for consumers. There is also a possibility, said that iPad mini 3 appears to stimulate the iPad mini 2 sales. No matter what public think about iPad mini3, users more care about how to quickly learn from operating skills.


  1. lock screen interface directly start "digital photo frame"

In the lock screen interface, click the "move the slider to unlock" button on the right to start the "digital photo frame", and there are many photos to switch effects.


2. The mute switch turn into the screen direction lock switch

On right side of the iPad there is an up and down switch, by default it is used to turn on / off the "mute" function, but we can "set - universal - side switch for:" set it as a screen Direction lock switch, so whether you are horizontal or take up iPad, it will not automatically change the direction of the screen.


3. Double-click on Home key to adjust the screen brightness

Double-click the Home button to display the list of tasks that are running in the background. If you slide your finger to the right (and drag the contents of the left), you will find that there is a slider that adjusts the brightness of the screen directly and can also play from here Music, adjust the volume, start the "music" application.


4. Use voice input

If after keyboard in two halves, you are still not used to it, then your best choice is to use voice input, that is, "dictation" function. But iPad still not support Chinese, in the English input keyboard it will be able to see the button shown in the figure. If you find no it, please in the "Settings - General - keyboard" in the open "dictation" function, if you find that there is no yet, then prove that your system needs to upgrade.


5. put the less commonly used procedures into the folder

Create a folder on the iPad is very simple, you only need to drag a program icon to another program icon, it will automatically create a folder, and these two programs are placed in a folder. Next, you can also drag more icons into it. It is recommended that take those not commonly used applications into one folder, a folder can store up to 20 applications.


6. Screenshots

Hold down the Home button, and then press the top switch key, white screen flash one time means the success of taking screenshot. Interception of the screen will be automatically saved to the "photo" library, and can also be shared to SNS in the photo library on the screen through iMessage, eMail and other communication tools.


7. Turn off In-app purchase

If you buy iPad for giving children to play at home, this one can be described as very important. Because a lot of software at any time may pop up the "in-app purchase" function, children like to touch on screen, maybe after accidentally click, your money will be spent out (under normal circumstances it is not so serious, after all, you still need to enter the password) . Then it’s better to turn it off: Go to "Settings - General - Access Restrictions", click "Enable Access Restrictions" above, then scroll down to the "Allowed content" section to close the "In-app purchase" Features.


8. Set iMessage

After open iMessage, you can free send message with other iOS devices, but the premise is network is available. Set iMessage is very simple, directly in the "Settings - Information" to open the iMessage function, and landing your Apple ID account on it.


9. Use iCloud

iCloud can synchronize information, mail, reminders, bookmarks, memos. And it can transfer your photos, documents and others to backup in the clouds, very convenient. You can "set - ilooud" to open these features, the only thing you need is an Apple ID account.


10. Open the Find My iPad function

Find My iPad allows you to locate your iPad location, when enable this feature, you can not only use your other Apple device to find it after the iPad lost, but also you can use it to locate your other Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod touch and even Mac notebook. The most important thing is that even if you have clearly know that you are not able to get back your lost equipment, you can still use Find My iPad to remotely lock, or remove all your personal data on the device, effectively avoid to things happened to Edison Chen in 2007.


Recently, iFixit rated 2 points for iPad Mini 3 on the difficulty of dismantling, which means repair is very difficult. First, although the battery is not welded to the logic board and LCD and front panel glass fused together, so dismantling easier. But the fusion of the glass panel increases the cost of repairing the damaged screen and also increases the risk of dismantling LCD damage. So the smart choice is to buy an iPad mini 3 screen replacements from online. The cost will be much cheaper while the risk is lower compared to DIY dismantling.



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