Trip to Blossom Hydel Park

By Holiday Mango Travel
  • Oct 25, 2017

kerala tour packagesKerala located at the southernmost tip of India is one of the best tourist attractions with evergreen tourist destination which is always a traveller’s delight. Known among the tourist as 'gods own country', Kerala has a lot to offer to the visitors. Virtuous beaches, complex backwaters, evergreen hill stations, enchanting waterfalls and a number of well-known historical monuments make Kerala one of the ten paradises in the world which attracts the attention of the travellers and vacationers from around the whole world. Apart from overseas travellers and foreigners, Kerala is a land that is most visited by domestic travellers which mainly comprises tourist from dry cities namely Jaipur where there is a number of historical monuments but lacks greenery and nature. Kerala being a place rich in greenery is one of the best destinations that people from such places could visit and explore. Tour operators like Holiday Mango Travel offer and arrange different cheap and Affordable Jaipur to Kerala tour packages to let such domestic travellers explore the rich vegetation, hill station and mountain ranges of Kerala. 

Kerala tour packages from Jaipur
Hydel Park in Munnar is one such destination with splendid natural beauty that attracts tourist from such dry cities. It is mostly the richness in nature that brings travellers from such destinations to the land of coconut plantations. The park is a popular tourist destination of the Sylvan hill resort of Munnar which is located about 3km away from Munnar town and is closer to the old Munnar near the banks of River Muthirappuzha and the misty Kannan Devan Hill Tea Estates. The park is an immense stretch of landscape with artificial waterfalls, gardens & lawns in its straggling 16 acres of lush green land. The 16 acres Hydel Park is one of the best destinations for travellers and nature lovers who would love enjoy and explore the rich vegetation of Kerala. 

kerala tour packages from Surat
One of the main attractions of the place is the presence of fresh flowers, rare migratory birds, lashings butterflies, lavish green landscape and Muthirappuzha River that attracts a number of travellers to the land from places within the country and abroad. The highlight of the park are the facilities offered by different tour operators like Holiday Mango Travel which mostly includes adventurous trails, nature walks, boating, roller skating, bird watching, badminton and much more.

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 A number of travellers from cities as in Surat and Jaipur avail different attractive tour packages to visit the place with the primary intention to enjoy these adventures by exploring the nature. The visitors could also enjoy the fresh aroma of a wide variety of mountain flowers which are available in abundance in the place and explore the waters and its beauty by enjoying the boating through the tranquil waters of Muthirappuzha River. Activities like the campfire with different sets of music running in the background are very famous and known among the travellers who visit the Blossom Hydel Park. The park provides the travellers with an amazing view of the Western Ghats and of the misty bends of Kannan Devan Hill Tea Estates which fascinates the domestic travellers visiting the place from cities that lack nature. The park allows the travellers to rejuvenate with the silent splash of air and with a peaceful walk in the lap of Mother Nature. 

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The best time to visit the place is during the month of December and February when the hills surrounding the park gets more attractive with rich greenery blanketing the hill station. It is mostly during this season of the year that the place is mostly visited by tourist both domestic and overseas. Domestic travellers who visit the land mostly belong to places rich in monument and history but lack the natural treasures and wonders that place like Kerala holds in. Surat is one such destination from where a number of travellers visit Kerala to enjoy the greenery and the seasonal wonders. 

Surat to kerala tour packages
To make the trip easier and affordable for domestic tourist who visits Kerala seasonally to enjoy the seasonal wonders of the land a number of travel operators offer cheap and affordable Seasonal Surat to Kerala tour packages to let them enjoy and explore the beauty and rich vegetation of the land. Kerala being one of the evergreen destinations in India is one of the best places where travellers who love nature could veil away their time enjoying and exploring the natural elements of the land.

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