Things you should watch out when you try to get a refurbished iPhone

By Chris Cui
  • Dec 22, 2017


A lot of people want to get an iPhone these days, but a new one is way out of many people’s ability to pay, so when people want to have an iPhone while saving money, they will try to get a refurbished iPhone instead. But even if you decide to buy a secondhand Phone, it is not as easy as you think to get a reliable one, you cannot act like shopping for a new one and just enter a shop then pick one. There are many things you should consider or know to purchase the right one for yourself.

First you should to know that when it comes to a refurbished iPhone and you have only two reliable ways to get one. You can choose to buy a refurbished IPhone directly from Apple or some Apple certified retailer or you can search for a trusted retailer online. No matter which way you choose you can get the same result which is getting a good quality phone and save money. All these faulty and sold old phone will get the necessary repairmen to resume the full function and just like new outlook. That is why they are called “refurbished”, since they are faulty or just old, even though they look like new but they cannot be resold as new and that is why they are cheaper than a new one, but the undeniable truth is they are like new both in function and cosmetic. And these two things I think is best attempting point.

Meanwhile it can guarantee the full function and it usually looks like a new one in the appearance with bare minimum nicks or scratches. Another big advantage of picking up a refurbished iPhone is that it has been through previous software updates and is tested to be working. In case of a new machine, there may be uncertainty over whether the new device may adapt comparatively decent compared to the used one. By buying a refurbished one, you guarantee yourself a phone that has already been through this process of trial, error, and improvement. In a lot of cases, refurbished iPhones are those units, which have had minor defectiveness, or bumps and thus returned by the user or those secondhand ones sold by its previous owner. They are then totally repaired and a quality inspection test is done to ensure that the function is good and the new user not experiences any such hardware issues. While taking out a new iPhone out of the box might not have a 100% success rate of scratch less devices and the hassle of going through the whole return process is what refurbished iPhone owners need not go through.

Even though you can buy the most legitimate refurbished iPhone from Apple store, but you can get a very limited choice there and it cannot save you that money. So you are left with the most widely doable way which is through retailer online. You can search refurbished iPhone on eBay or get one from cellphone age. Before you are searching for a phone, you should also need to bear in mind that what you should get form a dealer online. Except from the most common issue like the quality and the price, and I think there are other three important things you should bear in mind.

  The first would be the reputation about the retailer, you do not want to have a deal with an untrusted dealer which supply the products like stolen phones and uncertified phone. There are many ways for you to check out the fame, one of the easy way is asking all the question about the product, if it give you the answer with no hesitation, then this can be a good start, you can also check the previous comments of the former buying. You should get some useful tips from that.

The next question is about the problem of the unlocked. You should ensure that the refurbished phone will work with your provider before making a purchase. That means you should figure out if the phone is unlocked or not. If a phone is locked, it will only work with a specific provider and you may have to buy a SIM card, sometime it can be worse, it cannot with some certain network. If a phone is unlocked, it will work with any provider and any network.

The last one is the warranty and it is the most important guarantee you should get. Asking for a warranty is the last guarantee you can get from the retailer. We never will know what will happen to the phone even it has been repaired and upgraded, but after all it is old. There always a possibility that it will break down or have some minor problem in a short or long term. So you should inquire a warranty for a relative long time. Some retailers extend the warranty to a refurbished iPhone 5c sale and some do not. If the retailer cannot provide one, then I suggest you think twice about the deal. If there is a refund policy, it will just greater.


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