The phone protective case can also be a wallet

By Chris Cui
  • Mar 12, 2018

For most people, these two items that are required when going outside are mobile phone and wallet, but sometimes it is obviously not very convenient, then you have thought of putting them together into one? Phone case manufacturers have already considered it. In addition to providing protection, more and more mobile phone cases began to carry more features, and some can increase the volume of mobile phones, and some even with built-in Swiss Army knife. Today, we have to say it is the integration of the "wallet" feature and the phone shell, they are clever designed, the wallet phone case can be added to carry a small amount of bank cards and cash, so that you can abandon the traditional wallet. It makes you more convenient Travel.


Go out with only the phone: iPhone launches wallet phone case that can carry mobile phone and credit cards. In our impression, the role of the wallet is to install cash, bank cards, business cards, photos and documents and other items, but in order to enhance the convenience of iPhone users’ travel, the e-commerce accessories company Cell Phone Age released the brand new wallet phone case that combined wallet and iPhone protective shell together.


It is understood that the company to build the iPhone wallet protection shell called Lychee, this product compared with their previous product line is not the same, it did not use Italian leather, but the use of satin fabric and nylon material, and the use of yellow, Blue, black and other color.


Lychee Commuter series wallet phone case

Commuter series wallet phone shell design is not particularly clever, but the capacity is very large. You can see that the back of the phone shell has a prominent raised, using a drawer design, where you can place about three credit cards and a small amount of paper money, as long as you have a little skill to folded the cashes. In addition, the drawer opening and closing is very close, that will not automatically slide open.


Obviously, the biggest drawback of this wallet phone case is relatively heavy, but in addition to the advantages of large capacity, but also can play a certain anti-drop effect. Compatibility, the Lychee commuter series wallet phone case can supports iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / 7 / 7plus and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5.


Lychee Candy Phone Shell

Lychee card phone case is relatively thinner by using a side-mounted card slot design, which can accommodate two credit cards and a small amount of cashes. In addition, the card slot is at the use of a rubber plug to prevent the card and notes from inadvertently slide out when in the actual use of the effect that is still very obvious.


However, the drawback of this design is that it’s a little difficult to take the credit card and cashes out when the trouble is also a little. You need to take a little bigger power to pull them out, not very convenient. On compatibility, this Lychee Print PU Leather Case Flip Stand Wallet Cover Shell With Card Holder can support the iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / 7 / 7plus and Samsung Galaxy S4, but manufacturers said there will be no S5 version of the market.


Leather iPhone wallet phone case

This protective case still has a safe pocket to place documents, credit cards and cash items, but also provides users with a place to hold the iPhone such as iPhone 5 and updated iPhone models. Although this solution greatly improves the convenience of iPhone users travel, but you need to be noted that the you’d better be careful when using iPhone in public places, otherwise the thief will steal the phone at the same time along with all things in your wallet that taken away.


IPhone7 phone case wallet

This design of iPhone 7 phone case wallet takes full account of the user experience, using a double sandwich strap design that can hold 6-8 cards, while putting down 1-2 hundred dollar bills. Intimate strap design ensures that the card will not accidentally fall out while you can easy to remove card out when needed. The mobile phone case design reserved all iPhone's common interfaces, while not blocking the phone screen, user experience is excellent. It pays great attention to quality, made of combination of leather and plastic material so that fully protect your iPhone from damage at the same time feel very good.


PUSH wallet phone case with a lock to prevent loss

You can see a lot of projects that will eventually fail when browsing an optional crowd site. But we can also note that many people think that wallet needs to pull back the furnace to re-practice. Although some people think that the wallet is just a vain carrier of cash and credit cards, PUSH does not think so, and launched a "mobile phone shell + wallet" combo product. In essence, PUSH is a normal mobile phone case, but added with a "small drawer." When the user presses the button on the back, it pops up. And after the closure, the wallet phone case will be in a locked state, to prevent the phone will fall when the card fall out.


Of course, PUSH's goal is not to be a "big belly" since it can only plug down three or two credit cards and very little cash. In order to avoid the device too cumbersome, this consideration can be understood. IPhone wallet phone shell is not what new stuff, but PUSH in terms of security done better. Finally, like all the other mobile phone accessories, PUSH wallet phone case is also facing the "loss of two" shortcomings. But another "benefit" is that you can find the lost place (if lucky enough) through the "Find my iPhone" function. At the time of writing this article, PUSH's creator is only intended to launch support for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s version, other models yet to be announced.

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