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The Mega Island Festival a Unique Exhibition of Tradition and Culture of the Beach Island

By Andaman Tour Travel
  • Oct 26, 2017


India is a country rich in culture and tradition and thus has a wide range of festivals that corresponds in the land. The color vibrancy of the festivals celebrated in India is one of the major factors that attract tourist both domestic and foreign to the land. Domestic tourism is one thing that has increased rapidly in these days in India. Most domestic travelers exploring the land, its culture and festivals belong to states like Chennai where there is a wide variety of festivals, most of which are related to religion and are similar to that of the one in the city. For explorers and adventure seekers from such domestic cities with a great interest in festivals and traditions of different places, Andaman is one of the best destinations to visit and explore. Andaman and Nicobar are a land with a unique blend of culture and thus a place with people enjoying in different occasions. To experience the taste of this joy and similarity of the festivals in Andaman and Nicobar Island a number of travelers, the domestic travelers from Chennai and places with busy lifestyles visit the island every year during particular seasons. Tour operators like Andaman tour travel offer different Andaman tour packages from Chennai, allowing such festive travelers from cities within the country to explore and enjoy the seasonal splash of the island.



The island tourism festival celebrated during the winter season attracts a number of domestic and foreign travelers to the land. The festival that lasts for a minimum of 10 days sees a large number tourist in the land. It is mostly to enjoy this unique festival and to explore the sameness in the festivals that most travelers from Chennai visit the island. The island tourism festival is one of the mega events of the island where a large number of people from different schools assemble in the place to perform and exhibit different art forms and traditional dance forms. The festival is one of the best platforms which provide the locals and the craftsmen to exhibit their craftsmanship to the world. This island festival that attracts the attention of the tourist from around the world is a fortnight-long occasion which is celebrated during the month of December-January every year. One of the main factors that attract the attention of the tourist from Chennai to the festival is the fact that the festival includes a number of unique performances of dance, drama, and music combined with the exhibition of local handicraft and other unique collections of flora and fauna. This island festival that lasts for around 10 days exhibits the culture and flavor of the island at its best.



This festive season that welcomes a large number of travelers from around the world is one of the best time to visit the island. To make this trip to the watery island easier and tension free for the explorers a number of travel operators arrange cheap and Affordable Andaman Tour Packages. Some of the main attraction of the mega-island festival includes activities like Baby show, dog show, magic show, floating restaurant, puppet show, water sports competition and much more. The island during this season of the year becomes one of the most visited tourist destination in India and one of the best destination that could be visited by travelers from within the country with a keen interest in the festivals of the island. One of the major factors that connect and attracts the travelers of Chennai to the land is the fact that most of the tradition and festivals celebrated in the island have great similarity to that celebrated in Chennai, some of such celebrations include Durga Puja, Dipawali, Janmashtami, Pongal and much more. For travelers who wish to explore a land with adventures and traditional flavors in equal ratio then Andaman is the ideal destination.


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