The complete guide of buying a refurbished iPhone

By Chris Cui
  • Jan 10, 2018


Apple iPhone is always the best smartphone in the market, and there are many reasons for its success. Some people would say it is really beautiful and powerful, some would prefer the software. But no matter what the reason is, it is indeed a fantastic device for you to have. However, as you also know that a new iPhone 6s is usually extremely expensive and it is way beyond a lot people’s ability to pay for it, so if you want to have an iPhone and do not want to pay the full price of a retailer sell, then you should consider some cheaper alternatives. Buying a refurbished iPhone 6s is one of them and it is a good choice you should make.

What is a refurbished iPhone

A lot of people may do not know what a refurbished iPhone is and it is fine. Actually a refurbished iPhone is easy to understand. Sometime people buy a new iPhone and it turn out to be faulty, so they would returned these faulty iPhone and these faulty phone would be repaired and resumed to a new condition. In some other cases, as you know Apple will launch new generation of iPhone each year, even though the old iPhone of two years or even longer still powerful to meet the most need of people, people will sold their old iPhone then make the upgrade. And these old sold iPhone, functional or not, will be refurbished to be like new in the function and cosmetic. Basically faulty returned and sold used iPhone is the resources of the refurbished device, no matter what the channel is, these phone will be repaired and they will work and look like new. Since they cannot be resold as new even though they work and look like new, these refurbished iPhone would be much cheaper than a new one.

The benefits you can get

As you can see that buying a refurbished iPhone can make sure you get a good quality phone and it can save you a lot of money, and these two points maybe the main reasons that people would like with a refurbished device and you should be contented with this product because it is really a good alternative to a new iPhone. However, buying one of this device is not as easy as you think, at least not as easy as buying a new one. You just cannot go to a shop and grasp one, before you decide to buy one, there are many things you should consider about and they are crucial to make your purchase worthwhile.

Things you should be careful

First you should bear in mind that you want to save money, so you better figure out what features you need and be sure you know what features you're sacrificing when you buy a used iPhone, because most likely the refurbished iPhone you are going to get is at least one generation behind and that is why it is so cheap and a smart way to save money. Just make sure you know what features the model you're considering buying doesn't have and that you're OK with that. Then you should check the battery. We all know that how disappointing an iPhone’s battery is and a battery of a refurbished iPhone can be worse. Since users can't replace the iPhone's battery, so you have to be sure that any used iPhone has a strong battery. The next important thing for you is you should get the right phone for your network carrier. You need to ask the seller for the iPhone's model number and check it to make sure it's compatible to your carrier. Or you can just buying an unlocked refurbished iPhone online which will work fine under any network. Get a warranty should be the last thing you should do to make you very best interests and you can expect to get one from any trusted retailer when you buy a refurbished iPhone and If you can get a refurbished iPhone with a warranty then it can be a good sign to continue the deal.

Where to get a reliable one

If you think that a refurbished iPhone is good for you, then you probably want to buy a reliable one. Even though you can get one from Apple or some retailer, but there are not many models available and they usually won’t come cheap. So the best way for you to own one is from the retailer online. There are many distributors can offer you one, but you can only rely on a trusted and experienced supplier. You can search on eBay for a refurbished dealer and that will take you many times to pick one, plus it can be hard to tell the reliability.

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