The Biggest Defeat In History

By Popat Shukla
  • Feb 10, 2015

The Biggest Defeat In History of BJP.

AAP is a face of comman man. AAP agenda is based on the problem of comman man. The Party was working with root problem which peaple are facing everyday. They are capturing low class and middle class peaple. Their agenda is different based on local area.  

The electoral contest in Delhi was a high voltage game right from the day one. Both Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) left no stone unturned in making their way through hearts of the Delhi voters. However, with all exit polls showing AAPaccomplishing a landslide victory and even early trends on the counting day corroborating the same, it appears BJP is on verge of facing the biggest defeat in the recent times since achieving a massive mandate in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Here we will discuss what the foremost reasons are for the same:

1. Name calling and posters 

BJP came out with a series of poster advertisements in the national dailies which openly ridiculed AAP convenor and attributed some ugly sobriquets for him. One of the advertisements carries a sketch in which Arvind Kejriwal has been shown swearing on two children and joining hands with the political opponent Congress. The caption of the poster reads in Hindi, “Satta ke liye bachchon ki jhuti qasam tak khaunga...aur raat din imandari ka danka bhi bajaunga (I will even take false swear on children for coming to power...and will also beat the trumpet of honesty day and night). Such kind of controversial exercises only proved fruitless for the saffron party.

2. Kiran Bedi as CM face

AAP remained issueless for most of the initial part of the election campaign. However, as soon as the BJP announced former IPS officer as their chief ministerial candidate, AAP latched on to the issue shrewdly enough. Not only it miffed the local BJP cadre but also de-motivated state BJP leaders such as party president Satish Upadhyay. “We have conveyed that we could have got more votes had we fought on Brand Modi. Kiranji was not prepared for the fight, neither were we for her leadership. The decision just brought out the unpreparedness in the party," said a senior state leader.

3. Media support to AAP

Almost all the news media channels appeared highly inclined towards AAP for most part of the campaigning season. This allegedly helped in building a pro-AAP perception among the Delhi voters. Even the opinion polls gave AAP a clear mandate. 


4. Irresponsible statements by party leaders

Calling Kejriwal and AAP cadre as ‘naxals’ and ‘anarchists’  by Prime Minister Modi further helped boost a sympathy towards AAP. As per media reports, with every scathing attack of BJP on AAP, funds in the coffers of the latter increased.

5. Secular credentials

In the last few months, BJP and its ideological outfits issued various communal and polarizing statements which not only disturbed the harmony but instilled fear in the minds of the minorities. In AAP, voters with secular ideology saw a new ray of hope.


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