Steps of iPhone 7 LCD Display Screen Replacement

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 19, 2017


Your iPhone 7 display screen is easy break from careless drop and crash. There are high rate of replacement for display screen on iPhone repair items in large average of iPhone users. It is necessary to get to know something about the replacement display screen if you are an iPhone user. Taking your iPhone 7 for display screen replacement is risking, you should reconsider about that if it is necessary to do that. The process of cellphone screen replacement is complicated; you should know the main steps about how to fix our iPhone screen.


First and foremost don't ever buy the glass alone (typically $20). It's useless. The digitizer can't be detached from the front glass. The next best option is the front glass and digitizer together (around $60). The LCD is mounted with screws behind the digitizer and runs $80-90. Remember, you perform this repair at your own risk, and will render any remaining warranty invalid. There are steps of display screen replacement you should know before you go to the repair center.


Remove the former display screen from your cellphone


Removal of all screws requires a 1.4 mm Phillips screwdriver. Be sure the work area is free of dust and debris. One speck of dirt between the glass and LCD will annoy you forever. Use a plastic case opener or prying tool. You must push down on and stretch the black rubber seal that goes between the silver bezel and the glass. Best to damage it in only one spot directly above one of the screw holes near the home button. Razor blades or screwdrivers will not easily fit between the bezel and glass or exert pressure in the right place. It takes some depth to get under the glass and black plastic home button frame to lift it up. The glass can easily be cracked (or cracked worse) with the wrong tools or pressure. This could also result in glass particles flying directly into your eye. When removing the ribbon cables be sure that cable number 4 does not accidentally come off.


Removal of the LCD from the front glass assembly requires care. Do not use the case opener tool to pry the LCD out of the metal frame after all 6 screws are removed. If necessary pull up with the tool on the metal backing of the LCD to lift it free. The easiest way to crack your LCD screen is to pry between the LCD and the front glass! When prying the black plastic home button frame from the front glass exert pressure from the inside of the frame to prevent further damage to the black rubber seal surrounding the glass. The plastic frame is attached to the glass and digitizer with adhesive. Be patient. The plastic frame is extremely fragile and can easily be broken along the corners or sides where it's thin.


Cleanse the dust and dirt from the inside screen  


Your cellphone is not clean inside the screen if it is used for a long time. There are dust and dirt inside the screen under no awareness. You should cleanse before the installation of a new display. Use a piece of fiber cloth to erase the back screen. Detergent is ok but not too much. You screen will look great after the cleanse process.


Install the new display on the cellphone  


This is the last step for display screen replacement. When the new screen is installed, your iPhone will look new and fabulous. There is still something we should take attention in the installation process. We should make sure the new LCD display screen exactly right on certain place without error. In order to make this successful without miss, we should readjust the screen before seal the crack between the screen and the body. Make sure it is tightly sealed without crack. Cleanse the screen after it is completed and cover with screen protector.  


These are the three main steps of having your iPhone 7 LCD display screen replacement. Having your cellphone fixed in an authority repair center is also important. Cellphoneage also provides service of cellphone screen repair; please follow us on our website.      

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