Some Tips of Black Friday Online Shopping

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 18, 2017

Since the coming two days after thanks giving, Black Friday brings people enthusiasm of shopping. On these days, many shops would offer customers discounts for merchandise. People are so desperate for the goods they want online. We all hope we can get all the goods we like in a lower price in a rapid way. As an experienced man of online business for years, here we offer some tips of black Friday online shopping in this article. Please take these into consideration before you purchase your favorite goods.


Established in 2008, our mission is to supply quality cellphone and tablet parts to the world, supporting the whole mobile repairing industry in better price and quality. Our commitment to price, quality and customer service, has gained us a rapid growth and success. In the future, we hope that we can be a leading provider of cellphone repair parts and share our success with our wholesale partners. We want to help our repair shop partners to grow their businesses together!


Importance of having the information about the hot sale merchandise

First, you should have the information about which merchandise is hot sale this time beforehand. Seem from the pie diagram below we can see that, household electric appliance, clothes and digital products are mainly the parts on the market. Most sellers would advertise their hot sale product on promotion online. You can choose your favorite goods like cellphones, computers, TV or fridge, etc. On black Friday shopping because it is the cheapest time of the year. We recommend cellphone product here. Buying smart phones online is really a good way for you to save a lot of money. We offer different smart phone of different brands and models, and also we offer customers good quality guarantee and after-sale service. In addition, we offer a warranty of 12 month which we think is the best you can get. And the phones we sell are unlocked so you do not need to worry about the compatibility with your network.


Choosing the authority business shop platform

Second, choose the authority business online shop platform to purchase. There are some well know online shop here, like Amazon, eBay. The first thing we concern about is the quality of the merchandise we purchased and the punctuality of delivery. These online stages offer customers the best protection and convenience shopping process. Based on these advantages, we’d like recommend our new online shop of Cell Phone Age here. We offer complete steps for online shopping process on our platform, and our products on the self are all in stock. Our delivery is fast and our quality is guaranteed. Here we offer iPhone smart phones of all different brands and models, as well as repair service. Other products like iPad, cellphone hold, cellphone cover, charging adapter, LCD screen, etc. And there are a lot of other benefits and other good products like the screen, the iPhone 7 case except from the refurbished iPhone you can get on the particular day,


Urgent needs goods avoided

Last, goods of urgent needs should be avoided these days. This is another problem we should aware of that most products we purchase online are out of stock or being stuck in the customs because of overloaded of logistics. Medicine, quick-frozen product, food and other urgent needs are totally not accepted these days for online shopping. We’d better purchase these good in the shopping mall or supermarket if we needs.


All in conclusion, choose the property goods and online platform, do not choose the urgent needs merchandise in the black Friday shopping. Here are the tips we offer to all our customers. Wish you happy shopping on Black Friday!


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Many repair shops purchase LCD replacement parts from eBay and Amazon. Price on these marketplaces may look competitive and convenient. However, you get NO GUARANTEE on stable supply and quality on every purchase among thousands of seller offers. Nowadays, a busted smartphone or defective screen can ruin everyone’s whole day. Customers walk in the doors and demand the convenience of a fast and quality repair job. What you need is a strong backup on quality parts supply with swift and professional support.


Now at Cell Phone Age, ensure WOW-ing customer experience that stands out from the rest. We are prepared and ready to give you the best. With our industry experience, stable and strong supply chain network, and well established local partners, our goal is to bring the best products and service to all repair techs. Just check out our New Arrival of Black Friday to get your favorite items.

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