Some Aspects of Buying A Refurbished iPhone 6

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 24, 2017


Since the coming of the newest iPhone generation at the end of this year, we are all desperate of having a new iPhone X. As we all know that, while, iPhone X is so expensive and it is hardly to afford it for everyone. Buying a refurbished iPhone 6 or 6 plus is a good choice because it not only cost us lower, but also looks great as a new one. A refurbished iPhone is a used phone, but just because it says a used, it doesn’t mean that these will be in a bad condition.


Some people are concern about the quality of a used phone, the guarantee from the seller, the duration of the cellphone and other disadvantages. So, if you are planning to buy a refurbished iPhone, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Here’s a list to get you started:


1. Check IMEI Number & Serial Number of iPhone


First things first! Ask the seller for or check yourself the serial and the IMEI number of the phone you are planning to buy. Checking it all by yourself is not big deal, you just need to follow the following instructions:

IPhone Model: iOS Settings > General > About > Model

IPhone Serial Number: iOS Settings > General > About > Serial Number

IPhone IMEI Number: iOS Settings > General > About > IMEI 

With the phone in hand, you can also check the Phone memory (capacity), and Available free space.


2. Make sure iPhone is Original not Fake 


There are a plenty of fake iPhones available in the market. These devices often lack a valid serial number, IMEI number or may have issues with the capacity. So make sure to collect the iPhone serial number from the seller and check it at Check Your Service and Support Coverage at Apple’s official website.


If this online check reports that the iPhone model and expected expiration of warranty, you can say the iPhone is a genuine one. Once you have iPhone in handy you can connect Apple store and try to download one free app from Apple store. If the phone is original, then you will be able to download and run apps from the iTunes Store.


3. Make sure iPhone Compatible with Your Provider


Make sure that phone is compatible to your service provider. Usually, iPhones their come either with GSM or CDMA. For example, in USA, AT&T and T-Mobile is GSM and phones are compatible each other. It is important to know what type of phone you are going to buy and you can definitely verify with its model number. Once you have the iPhone model number, you can get the details of your phone from iOS Settings > General > About > Model. There is an option ‘Identify your iPhone’ model published by Apple that describes the technology used in each phone model.


4. Make sure iPhone is Career Unlocked (need IMEI)


Refurbished iPhones come in two versions: The locked version and unlocked version. There are a couple of choices to check the phone is carrier / SIM unlocked or not.


Firstly, contact with the original service provider. This is a worry free method. When you buy a used iPhone, you have to contact the current network provider with a phone serial or IMEI number to make certain the phone is unlocked by your network provider.


Secondly, check the online tools. If you don’t have the freedom to do the above 2 methods, the last option is to depend an online tool like IMEI INFO that displays the iPhone status if you provide Serial number/ IMEI of the phone.


Third, check the SIM. If you already have the phone with you, turn off the phone and replace the SIM with different career network. Turn back the phone and if the phone is unlocked one, you will be able to use the phone just like the other SIM.


5. Check the iPhone Warranty and Make sure iPhone is Not Stolen or Activation Locked


Apple offers one-year default warranty for Apple products. Sometimes, buyers may purchase additional warranty for their peace of mind. You will be in the same protection if you buy a used iPhone before the expiration of the service warranty. Apple introduced the activation lock on iPhones to protect them from theft. Before you pay for a used phone, try and get the IMEI number or the serial number to check the iPhone activation lock status. If you see activation lock enabled, you won’t be able to use that phone as yours. Try and contact the phone seller and request to disable the activation lock and check again before you pay him. To disable the activation lock successfully, iPhones need original owner user ID and password.


These are aspects of buying a refurbished iPhone 6 16GB and we suggested all buyers should take a view before purchased. Cell Phone Age is a refurbished iPhone online shop with good reputation, please land on the website of and take a view. We hope everyone could get a cellphone with satisfaction from us.


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